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What are YOU smoking today? (PICTURES)

Mr. Brown

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After almost 5 months of curing Shit #6A developed a complex sweet herbal smell that is hard to describe :) It smells so delicious I just love to open the jar and stick my nose in there :love:

And vaping is much smoother than in the beginning (y)

Love the Shit


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What @musashi said. I think a little more selection is needed in this strain but; "Seek, and Ye Shall Find!"
Well, it is a critical cross. Even pure Critical Mass seems to need a bit of selection. At least it seems that way when reading threads.
I've no experience yet with the critical crosses, but I feel like they would offer up some choice parents if ine really dug through and did a proper selection.

Quality over yield, but sometimes we want a bit of both. 😄


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No photo here. I simply wanted to comment on how excited i am to eventually try Ortega. I have grown put a fem version of Northern Lights from a "competitor". My mother experienced tremendous relief from her fibromalgia and other issues. So I have been eagerly awaiting to try Shantis version!

Anyways. My Sister pops by for Thanksgiving and hasbsome Northern? which she got at a dispensary. She can't recall the second half of the name, and none that I threw out sparked anything.

But the flavor! The core of it was predominantly what I recall fromy one Northern Lights. It tasted mostly of what I recall, but had a floral and tea tree element to it.

I can't wait to explore Ortega and see if these flavors are in there. If these flavors are in Ortega. Them I have a good baseline to determine if Northern genes are strong in a hybrid.

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