What are YOU smoking today? (PICTURES)

Uncle Jack

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Not sure @Diesel840. That is 2021 Outdoor and the caterpillars had a homing beacon installed on that puppy.
A very wet summer might have contributed to this.
The plants may have been a bit stressed from that, and an unusually large amount of butterflies due to the conditions.
I have the Dipel ready this year, as much as I dislike using it! The poor buggers are just trying to earn a living.
It makes me sad to think about it so I don't use it.
We humans do enough damage, I prefer to just go to war with them and make it personal.
Squishing those little fuckers!
If they didn't shit everywhere it wouldn't be a problem, I have tried explaining that to them.
It's a fruitless conversation though.
I think as a result of this I ended up taking it way early.
I know it doesn't look that way in the photo but it was super early considering the time frame in the strain-description given by the breeder.
I don't like it as smoke, for that reason most likely.
It smells good though.

Uncle Jack

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Glad you found something to your liking, that's the objective after all.
I have only grown one plant from this lot so I am not making definitive comments about this strain.
Just sharing my experience's.
Some of it may be attributable to problems I was ironing out at the time.
But I also believe some of it may be attributable to a pheno that just doesn't gel with me.
It boils down to personal preference in the end and what suits you may not suit me.


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musashi said: "Got CBD Nordle?

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It is with a heavy heart that I must honestly and sadly say - 'No, musashi, I do not got any CDB Nordle. Looks nice!'

However, I do have some CBD Shark Shock that will be on the menu soon! Then my heart will not be heavy and I will not be sad. Most likely, I will not be honest either! All will be well here in Chernobyl




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I've been told that I talk like a Riddle wrapped inside an Enigma. As I don't speak German, I'm not quite sure what that means. As a betting man, I'd bet that there is a compliment hidden in there somewhere.

" Maybe back off the weed a bit"

That is the silliest thing I've ever heard. Time to get busy.