What are YOU smoking today? (PICTURES)


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Dang! Looking at those beautiful Super Silver Haze buds from @Mark & @Swifty , I am a little ashamed to post up!

Today, I'm smoking a little G13 x Afghan Skunk. Yes, that is a seed or few you see. Like the State Farm commercial says: "We know a thing or two because we've seed a thing or two". Something like that.

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G13 x Afghan Skunk
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Looks arn't everything Longball ;).

Effect and taste are most important to me and if they look good, well that's a bonus.



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The accidental autoflower that ended up in an SDF2 pack.. It's actually one fluffy main bud and some smaller side buds. It only cured for 3 days.. just tested some and tasted some sandalwood, allspice and liquorice in it. Nice smoke, giving a mellow head high.


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Somebody was talking about bubble bags in another thread, made me feel like smoking some hash today.
This is bubble, cured for a couple of months.
Bubble 1&3 is a mix of Super Silver Haze and Skywalker Haze, Bubble 2&4 of Western Winds/ Kali Mist.

I know I will take a nap in the afternoon:ROFLMAO:.
Have a nice day everyone!



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I will bet you One Million Dollars...

...that @Skuncle Lenny will not go below the 'Mendoza Line'. Don't forget, he was 18 for 18 germinating his Medicine Man grow.

BS 1A.jpg

I will bet another One Million Dollars that I have no idea what this is! Someone handed it to me backstage at a show I worked recently and said, "Try this". So I did. It is much better than it looks! :)
BS 2 A.jpg



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