What are YOU smoking today? (PICTURES)


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Hello musashi!

Yes, your camera takes beautiful pictures! A good bud, a decent camera, and natural light is all I use. I don't really count cropping as editing. I take most of my pics on the deck railing and sometimes to catch the bud right I end up with 4 feet of railing which does not need to be seen so I crop it out. I want to upgrade from a decent camera to a good camera like you have. All my pictures are taken with a Lumix DX-7. A decent camera for the price but it is a single fixed lens camera. It can be used used in either Auto or Manual mode but the singe lens imposes a lot of restrictions on what you can do with the camera. My Pentax SLR seems to be broke real good! ha ha Lots of money in unusable lenses sitting around. Hoping to pick up a DLSR camera and hopefully the lens threads are interchangeable. You post up beautiful pictures, musashi, and glad you have a sense of humor! :p