What are YOU smoking today? (PICTURES)


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an early pic of the ciskie gem couldnt help myself its such a nice zippy high.View attachment 54026
i would like take this kind of picture but my camera is not terible is a kodak is look like a z3 but it's not a z3
i am so sad of konica minolta stop produce camera for a 2005 camera its was a amazing one with my new one is complicated to see the cristal like that
you can see the little white mushroom on your pics is great :)


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Hash apparently Morocan. Soft, gets you coughing like you are dying even through a vape. I did put a 3-5mm hash "plug" on top of my reg flower, so I was asking for it. I'm just excited I got some good old hash, beautiful stuff!
Peace all.



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Last of the Jack Herer!
Jack 1.jpg

One look at that bud and I hope you can understand why I was not too excited about smoking that bud.
But it's the end of it so lets just finish it.
Just before I packed it in my pipe, I remembered!
I have photo editing software of my computer. I think it is called
Foto Chop PRO Deluxe Edition Version 4.20 for Cannabis Users!
After about 20 minutes of farting around with it I came up something
a little more to my liking.

Jack Herer - it smells, tastes, and smokes even better than it looks! And the best part? I grew it myself!
Jack 2.jpg

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Ha! I trashed that POS software a coupla weeks ago. Couldn't get the hang of it, kept glitching and it kept popping up ads no matter what I did to suppress it. And yes, it was registered and all. Finally took it off the HD and sent a fuq to Corel. Actually taken with my cheapo pocket camera, an old Canon powershot 200. That's why the trichs and the hairs on the stigmas are not as well defined. No editing other than the crop- it still is a great camera.