what afghan & what skunk


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Hello every one out there does any one now what afghan or skunk shanti used in this cross was wandering if its nordle , Ortega or maybe northern lights or some thing previously unreleased not that its reall important was just wandering out of my own curiosity


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I think it's a nordle female used in the cure. Maybe it is the same as in angel heart. Makes rounder and chunkier buds than the doors and stones that I had together.


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The Afghan Skunk female may be the same that is used in ASH. It could be a selected Nordle female, don’t know. I do remember Shanti saying the Afghan used in the Afghan Haze male is the same as the Afghan used in the Afghan Skunk male in the Z series. I wonder if this Afghan Skunk male is the same male used in Nevil’s Skunk and Angel Heart.


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Yeah, it seems that they use the nordle female side in some of the crosses and the nordle male in others.

kief420, you should check out resinbuds thread on the cure, he has some nice photos in there.

Betterhalf you still liking the Z8s?

I just pollinated my z8 females with a Z8 male and sweet and sour widow male. it was kind of a sloppy open pollination, double team style. i'm hoping they will make a decent hash strain with some cbd.

BH, wouldn't the afghan in ASH, be a female, not male?

Isn't it originally a haze male used to make AfHz?
Then an AfHz male used to make ASH with a Nordle female?

This is all just an outsider's guess, Shanti may use several different nordle cuts in several different combos.

It does look like it is a nordle male used in the angel heart and nevs skunk. I bet nevs skunk is a wicked strain. I'm curious if the nevs female is the same that's used in nev's mango.

peace bro


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I have 2 selected Z8 phenos growing outdoors this year, a couple I liked from last year but got them out late and didn’t really get much of a look or much yield. I still have 5 or 6 different cuts in holding, haven’t got rid of them yet because I was hoping to do some sort of testing. I didn’t get any males from the 8 I started with, all females. I may pollinate them with a G13 Hz male I have.

ASH is listed as Afghan Skunk x Afghan Hz. In regards to the Afghan, yes it has to be a female. What I meant was it was the same Afghan plant used to make the Afghan Skunk and Afghan Hz (for sure with Z8). The selections would then be made for the Afghan Skunk male or female and the Afghan Hz male. At least that’s the way I see it.