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Using Cannabis with Cancer Treatment.


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Kia Ora,

I should mention I've been in remission for 4-5 months, I still don't feel "well" but I'm alive and my oncologist has informed it's normal to have fatigue for up to a year after chemotherapy.

@shantibaba So very true ! Cannabis has been legalised for medical use in NZ for a few months now but there is less than 6 approved medicines, no home growing and it's unsubsidised, costing about $300NZD a week. Seems like a massive shame home growing isn't allowed for the above mentioned benefits and reduced costs for patients.

@Tom bolenate Mate your far too kind and I appreciate your offer but you should 100% keep that pack for yourself, you never know you might like it or might have a use for high CBD cannabis in the future. I'm mostly into the high THC cannabis too but I'm definitely going to be trying 1:1 CBD:THC and/or high CBD in the future for daytime relief of chronic pain without making me too high.

@musashi I'm down to grow some Mango Widow šŸ‘ hopefully this order arrives tomorrow and I can get germinating.


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Dronabinol and Nabilone are commercially available medicines, and FDA approved these cannabinoids products that are beneficial for cancer symptoms.