U2 via MNS auctions

22 seeds in a tiny tube.

Lost 1 opening the package (sativa seeds are always tiny).

The remaining 21 germed but 2 of them just seemed to give up once they'd opened up the cotyledons.

Total count remaining 19 very healthy Plants.

I germed into a combination of thunderstorm rain water and ORME/monoatomics, the date was picked based on the placement of the moon within the zodiac in conjunction with the 7th day of the enlarging moon.

Transplanted into beer cups containing recycled BD soil. under a 3rd Gen 3Watt chipset 360Watt LED

After the establishment of 3 nodes the plants were mulched with incubated fungal mulch. The plants did not seem to be responding well to the LED, I swapped in my told 4foot T5 with 3 coolwhites and a 1 blue spectrum tube

They are now approaching 5-6 nodes and will be topped shortly.

sit back, pull up a chair, and enjoy the show.

(the stragglers - hopefully Sativa dom):

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Many thanks to the forum member who graciously gifted me these. While I have a horde of genetics (listed and unlisted), one cannot underestimate the value of a gift given in friendship. Thx Rasta Kev!
And to my dear friend MedicineMan, I look forward to having a report on the same website as yourself.
And to anyone wondering, I'm in Canada and this will likely be my last grow due to impending legislation that has probably been talked about elsewhere for some time now.
10/19 Males were culled. 1 early female, the remaining 8 are TBD.

They've been given the usual grow nutes (An Compost Tea, MediOne, Roots Excel, Fish Hydro, Cold Kelp, and Epson Salt).
This time I will not be using my proprietary vortex compost brewer as it is already involved in a water frequency project for an upcoming medicine production run.

I will be potting them up into 3L Pots with BioCanna as the base coupled with half decomposed leaf litter, glacial rock dust, Malyasian Bat Guano, Epson Salt (to name a few). I've also layered them with a combination of AN Piranha and Tarantula powders...I'd like to use my BD soil but I emptied the 3 composters half a year ago when I was under the impression the government was shutting us down(they will still shut us down but probably not until April-May 2015).
pics to follow.


p.s growing these beside a Sensi Afghani Indica, and UKCheese (clone delivered Via Heath Robinson via MedicineMan) and these plants, with 5-6 nodes and topped once are stinking the place up. A very GOOD sign.
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i finally have gotten around to checking up on the U2, and its living conditions have improved some . . . i'll post pic.s later today when i get the battery recharged.

much stronger this time, hasn't had a long enough cure yet to really get the flavor . . .
Right on brother/sister, i look forward to a smoke report.
things of interest to me include thc value, terp and flavour profile, density, and nature and duration of the effect.


no lab tests or anything happening now

thc value: i dont have a proper test for thc %, but right now the effect is still quite pleasant . . . spacy in the head/'rings the bell' . . . i'm not sure what the difference will be when it's grown properly. just now 1 plant in direct water culture. ~1/8 tsp general hydroponics solid formula grow and bloom in aerated tap water . . . so far, so good . . . no testing

the flavor is evolving as it starts to cure, but it was 'mild'. Not like the critical haze ;) or the jack the ripper (male/dead) . . .

i'll know more after i see a grow that was done more properly . . . really did treat those first 3 kinda rough. picked the one that sexed female last and had a hard time getting it to ripen properly under those horrible conditions . . .

and this plant is early pearl x hazeAC right?

Mary Mary

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and this plant is early pearl x hazeAC right?
G`day F

Early Pearl ?
Where did you get that notion ?? Early Pearl is long gone .

Cure = Af / SK aka Nordle x Hz AC .

A The Cure Afghan Skunk x HazeAC

B U2 Early Queen Skunk x HazeAC

C The Doors NL5Haze x HazeAC

D Pink Floyd Critical Mass x HazeAC

E The Stones MasterKushSkunk x HazeAC

The Male Haze AC lineage is

Nl5HazeA(2) x SkunkHazeC

The Nl5Haze2 is a selectd Nl5Haze from old stock from the late 80's

Mary Mary

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G`day F

Apology , I was thinking of the Cure you were growing .

I smoked a joint of U2 a cpl of years back . Very pleasant 1st thing in the morning .A full but gentle buzz . Very sweet, perfume smelling .
I am rather disappointed to see that I am mainly seeing the 2 parent plants, and nothing that resembles the expression of a hybrid. Time will tell, I hope to get some pics up soon, been busy with converting over another grow room for some rather large plants ( sensi jack herer, sensi afghani, and uk cheese). The re-potted U2 and are doing well enough.


hell i like 'em.

of the three grown the latest maturing one was the chosen.

it has been horribly mis-treated . . . but it is now finally into a semi-reasonable grow set up. DWC with some LST. super expandable upon light switch easy 5X or 7X stretch.

buzz is mainly in the head . . . it will 'ring your bell'

as the grow conditions improved the quality of the flavors has also - it was surprising in that the smell (although better than the other 2) was mild, but the flavor has improved and become stronger.

there is a flavor we can't quite pin down just yet . . . give us time, it will come . . .
Update: another 3 males discovered, that puts the total remaining at 1 showing early floral, and 5 (runts) TBD.
Total count thus far 13 males, 1 female, 5 (runts) TBD.


even with lst . . .

the U2 looks like it would much rather be out of doors . . . inside it has to be tied down so much . . . it's crammed into a 5 ft cabinet

the latest attempt was DWC in 1/8 tsp GH maxi-series per 3.5-4.0 gallons water . . . the solution hasn't been changed throughout, and only every 3rd fill up has nutrients (other than that just top off with water)

main problem has been growing into the lights (for the Kessil LED, the T5 lights dont seem to bother them at all)

can't wait to see the finish on it . . . will post pics on my thread soon

the smell is of 'froot loops' cereal when quick dried, the odd flavor sometimes comes across like 'caramel' when quick dried - i need to have it tested, but i'm guessing the delta3carene or linolool . . .

if anyone has had some tested i'd be interested in your results . . .
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