Trewalkers G13 Skunk Grow


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Strain: G13 Skunk - Mr.Nice seedbank
Light Wattage: 400 MH Vegi - 2 600 HPS Flower
Seed Started: Coco Coir
Vegi: Soil of unknown brand at the moment
Nutes: FoxFarm

Following is a pic of the first one breaking through the coco coir. More pic's to following when the grow gets interesting. Their will also be a couple La Nina and a Skunk Haze or two. Thanks to the MNS folks for the quality genetics. :D

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Thanks guys. I planted about 1/2 dozen G13, 4 La Nina, and 2 Skunk Haze, with expectations of 50% males. It will be a while before it gets interesting, but wanted to make a run posting to the forum to verify posting pic's is simple enough, which it is by adding to an album. I have high expectations for the G13 Skunk. ;)


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Hope the G13/Skunk does well for you.

I have 4 ladies going outdoors right now. Started them late in the season, but they're doing very nicely, just on the small side. I've got an interesting display of phenos, it appears that of the four, there are three distinct phenos; one is short and squat, one is taller and a bit more stretched out, one is displaying pink pistils. Very easy to grow, this is my first grow and it looks as though I'll make it to harvest.

Good luck.


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Well, Got the 400 vegi light yesterday and I'm totally unimpressed with 400 watts. :mad: Guess I'll go order 2 600 watts to get the ball rolling. I may need at least 3 600 watts for the flower stage.
I'm ole skool outside gorilla grower, so I'm lost on this inside jazz. :rolleyes:

O in front of G

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Watts per sq ft

Hey bud...

If you give some details on what kind of space you have to work with then im sure you will get some suggestions on the "best" way to light it.

Im sure you will get the hang of the indoor growing in no time. Plants are plants. Growing is growing.

All the best



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If you give some details
I reckon it would a great deal of sense to share that knowledge. :D I have a room 8x8 by 10 ft high. I'm looking at 6 G13 skn and 2 La Nina and a couple Skunk Haze, is what I'm hoping for to be female. I would like to end up with plants in the 5 to 6 foot range, 'cuz 1 to 2 foot plants ain't gonna work with me. I suspect I have too many plants, but I can work with too many much better than not enough.

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Hi Trewalker,

I use 8 x 4 space, and 2 x 600's do me perfect. Sounds like you could go up to 4 x 600, but 2 or three should suffice!!

I love the idea of all those strains, maybe some bending nearer flowering for the hazes?? (could leave them on the edges). You being guerrilla probably know all bout that.

Anyway good luck fella.

P.s i have 10 of the G13 Sk on the go myself. You may well have encouraged me to get a diary going in here too!:cool:

Cheers and good luck!!:)