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Hi Folks,

I would like to bump this thread for Luckys supercropping question.


Hi nu-bube;

the technique described is, IIRC, called "FIM". I tried it a little bit years ago and it worked fine. I couldn't properly compare the relative merits to straight topping because I did it so little, but I've heard others claim it has advantages.

Do a google search, or use the search engine at some of the other big pot forums (IC Mag), with the "FIM" term and you should find lots of experienced advice.


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Would it be ok topping at such a young age?!

I was looking at the super-cropping method where the stem is squeezed and bent slightly, throwing out new nodes but maintaining the central one which will then carry on growing and can be repeated.. Are there an advantages/disadvantages from this way compared to topping?
Greetings lucky, nu-bube,

There are both advantages and disadvantages to super-cropping. Super-cropping is a form of training the plant. Usually super-cropping is done during the plants flowering cycle where topping is usually done during veg.

Topping a plant is a bit more stressful then super-cropping but allows for growth of 2 stalks rather then 1. Both methods are very useful and have there place.

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