The Stones

yes, that stones #1 sure is an interesting plant.
what caught my attention first is the trichomes on the leave stems.
then the odd leaves.
that little one up there was in dirt.

in hydro, its leaves were very curly. not sure why. maybe its roots didnt like sitting in the inch or so of water in the bottom bucket. maybe it didnt like the strength of the nutrient. ill see how it goes next time.
The stones #3 is the biggest yeilder so far, dont have finished weight yet but i think its done, so later today ill have those numbers.
Stones #1 is going to beat stones #3, im sure of it.
heres a few last pics of #1, cut down last night
11-15 to 2-23 100 days




it was pretty heavy, looking forward to seeing the weight.
im just waiting on that stones #1,
its halfway through drying, maybe.

the stones #3 yeilded 152 grams, pretty impressive.
stones #5 was 122, still pretty good.

in this grow, stones outyeilded the g13.
the biggest g13 barely beat the smallest stones.
quite surprising.

that stones#1....cant wait till its done.
in the meantime,
here are some bud shots

#5, #2, #3, #4



#5. closest to masterkush



#2. the most even mix, like #4 but denser, more masterkushy, a little skunk



#3. the closest to skunk.



#4. mostly masterkush/haze


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Alright, stones #1 is done.
A little bit of leaf, but i just manicure as i smoke it.



This plant had two decent sized plants on each side, it did not crowd them out and hog their space, this plant did it on its own.
it was next to a Nevilles Haze that took 4-5 days longer and yeilded 5 1/2 ounces.
on the other side was stones #2 and that did good.
I added up all the weights from the room, 4.4 lbs from 2 kw.
NH, Stones, G13, WRBB
First real grow of each of those strains.
I think the Stones had the biggest effect on the good harvest.

I dont think i found any exceptional plants this time, but i found some pretty good plants with a variety of attributes. definately some big yeilders. I didnt find any that had the amount of flavor i was looking for. but this was just a small sample, i will be back for more...

#1 culled last night, not enough flavor or strength, despite outstanding yeilds. AC heavy
#2 culled early, masterkush/skunk leaning, ripe fruit smell and kush aftertaste.
#3 Keeping for breeding. skunk pheno. good yeilder, great smell
#4 culled early, masterkush/haze leaning. nice quality
#5 culled, masterkush heavy, smallest yeilding, dense buds and lots of trichomes.


Superb mate , on appearances alone #'s 2 , 3 and 5 all look like my kind of weed. Much appreciated thanks Jack :)


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Looks like a great harvest Jack.
Too bad you didn't find anything that "fizzed" for you in there.
Yield and appearance are amazing.

So ol'#1 turned out to be nothing special? No difference in smell/taste/effect? That's too bad. Wonder if a bit more cure will help on that?

I have to get some of these AC hybrids. Looks like Shanti created something really special there.

Thanks for sharing your grow.

PS: I just threw Ortega, Atomic NL and Atomic NLxBB in to soak.
I decided against a clone SOG of my MKxSk keepers and to keep the ball moving on new strains.

What's next for you Jack?


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Hey Cptn,

Are you still going to keep a mother of your mk x sk? I always want to start new beans but worry about losing something special, lol. What's your plans?

Best Regards

hey capt,
keep us informed of how the atomic nl and the nl x blueberry do.
Atomic shiva and NL x blueberry were the first strains i grew.
they were pretty darn good, even by todays standards.
im still looking for a good nl x blueberry, been through 2 packs recently and didnt find one as good as the old one.

as far as the stones,
i wonder if this strain was created as a source of some heavy plants.
The buds weigh out like they are made of Stones. ;)

I am on a search for ultimate personal stash, so i didnt find one that fits the bill out of this group, but it was only 5. theres a lot more to go through. and it will be easier next time, i can figure the tall plants might flower longer, i think a plant that is like #1 but more haze flavor would be really good. Id bet its in there somewhere.
I am going to enjoy smoking each of them, interesting berry/fruit/kush smells and tastes. maybe it will come out more as they cure longer too.

I just know, when i find THAT plant, i will know while it is growing, i will know when i harvest it, i will know when i smoke it wet and uncured, that i have it.
and that it will be even better when cured.
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Hey Cptn,

Are you still going to keep a mother of your mk x sk? I always want to start new beans but worry about losing something special, lol. What's your plans?

Best Regards


Hi SxI,
I still have 6 mommas and 2 fathers from the MKxSk selection run.
Right now, I think my #19 was the keeper, but will probably keep #19 and #14, the frosty girl.
I made LOTS of F2s of individual parent pairs. If I ever lose my #19 MK cut, I am confident I can find it again in a 19xM16 seed run.
I would love to do a seed run comparing crosses made with the 2 different males but I have so many new strains to run, it is hard to come back.

On the atomic BBxNL, I have 7 small plants now, and 2 or 3 of them have purple colored leaves in their first serrated set. Pretty cool for a 25% BB strain. The ones they sell today as "blueberry jam" are their original NLxBB crossed back to the Atomic's bad ass NL male. I suspect the ones you grew were the 50% BB.

Guess I need to update my thread. I had a huge update written and thought it was too much so I didn't post it.

The Atomic beans are vigorous, no doubt.

Cheers !