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The Nursery


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Heya folks,

Just a pic of the nursery at the moment.

At the back we have 4x MNS Critical Haze seedlings doing their thing, getting to the point of showing which direction they will be heading.
As I am on the hunt for a certain smell/flavour/effect, I am firing up a bunch of strains to try and enrich the local gene pool to give to friends and friends of friends.
At the front are 4x Easty's Treats Jack Shit (Jack Herer x Shit) humming along nicely, keeping the options open to try find that musky sweet goodness.
In between is a cut of my NL5xH.4 whose mum is currently being proved in the tent.
And 4 smaller cuts of 2 MNS Afghan Haze girls that I recently gave away and are currently thriving in the great outdoors. These will go to a friend who loves the strain for them to see what they can do in their space.

I feel like Johnny Potseed :D

I don't want to get stung and lose an amazing pheno when I find her. As losing my Musky Catpiss NL5 I had in the early 2000's took a piece of my soul with her. So I have learned to spread it around to trusted friends, so I have a safety net.
I know one wanker with an amazing cut of a SSH/Jack type pheno that I would happily ingest for the rest of my days, but he will not part with it, and I have offered a good sum for a snip. But he plays on how much people want it, which is rather dickish.



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True, people be selfish and or cheap. The only growers I know are all you fine people. So, no sharing of cuts for me. šŸ˜‚

I think it would be great fun though, at some point in a galaxy far far away... to do a road trip across the US and pick up choice clones to put up against selected clones from seed. Perhaps in a few years..