The Doors


This shit was extracted by Unicorns :eek:

Oh mY! That looks like pure gold! fuck yeah light my fire

Hidden Depths

Many thanks for dropping in , Would be great to all Fire some up :D

Smokin the Haze today , All day & night , the Doors has some hidden flavour , long cured , first morning joint , up high , hints of Haze drifting ;) away ,taste floral then fuel ,pine ,lime & then hints of chocolate , I think wtf my taste buds must be playin tricks , it's just the Haze :D

Then the old haze wave effect makes a fantastic day even better ,but shit does short term memory loss suffer

Nice all day Herb ;)

What was I just saying :D
I'm almost ready to start flowering. The first six I popped were all male. Popped another 5 and got 4 females. It's taken longer than I would have liked but I hope the wait is worth it. Cuttings taken and mothers are ready for transplant. After they get over the stress they'll be flipped. Unfortunately I don't have enough room to keep the seed mothers. Are the flowers more indica or sativa? 3 out of 4 nev haze I have finishing now are going to be tight knots and look close to being done at 12 weeks. The last is growing larger less dense sativa flowers this one might not finish by week 16 but they all smell sweet. I sure wish there were more threads on this strain. I can't wait to see what's inside of the plants. They appear to stretch less than Neville haze?
Good Luck

Would be nice to see your ladies flower out. The plant I run #3 , leans more to sativa side in looks and effect ,imo .:) Stretch less than the Nevs I ran , nevs explode in growth , depending on factors involved in their growing.

Wish you luck and hope to see or read about them in due coarse .