The Doors

Hey Kief, PrimalHaze,Bulldog,Sharky...Not lookin for the catpiss but not against it...i am looking for the rich deep incense trait i had in my first SSH keeper...going to clone all 120 seed plants and flower the clones to sex n get a sense of what i have..
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Man that sound like a lot of work but a labour of love good luck and hope you find what you are looking for
Labor of love


Critical Mass with 10 SSH 10 NS 5 BW 5 Yummy 60 ssh x Doors 60 91' chemdawg (clone only) x doors
Here they all were just a few weeks ago..:)
IMHO I believe the most exciting part is shanti cracking old NL5xhazeA then combined sk x haze C male used in the rock n roll series. ..his select male although not 100% haze artistic license and his knowledge of how this male haze plant combines to put a higher % haze tag on them..but I could be wrong my 2 cents.
hey ray, can you tell me a little about your chem91?

smells, effects, etc.. are the offspring looking more chem or doors?

thanks man. keep on rockin.
i no longer hold the cuttings..what can i say she (91 chem) was a much a more refined NYCD new york city diesel. she wasn't in my possession long...that being said i can see the mosaic leaf structure that the 91' got when we she wasn't satisfied on a few of her seed plants. funny they have better structure than either of the wild parents ...doors and 91 chem grew similarly wispy colas and sparse buds,,,until you get a hang of them :D
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36 days 11/13


I am working to many to get pics up of them all..but I will post my fav and my keepers
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Beautiful plants. Your SSH incense pheno is what I'm looking for too. Any luck with finding similar smells on these ladies? :D
the smells on these crosses are all over the place..but I do have a ssh in veg that smells identical to my old incense pheno..fingers crossed
they came out ok...but my keeper ssh x the doors did much better...I saved a good male from the jim dawg going to hit him with a guerilla glue cut I have...
thanks for the update RayDiator, i guess you cant beat SSH crosses. Please share some GG photos when you can. I love the way different growers express the glue differently.

here is my GG along with my keeper ssh x the doors and two of my 3 males. cuttings of my critical mass keeper and as many clones I could take from one mother of GG
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