The Doors

Hey ray did you sex the plants before clone? Hope they turn out as nice as your Cure did:D. Looks like you have alot going on in the garden. I will be tagging along, thanks for taking the time to post
The Doors 30 days 11/13


Hey greenlake, yes i sexed all the seeds first, got 3 females & and kept the longest male to show sex. i will let this cut veg longer next run as she didn't stretch mutch at all.
beautiful plants ray, great work. just finished my first go with this strain, 3/3 m/f, used two of the males to make seeds.

The three ladies were three distinct phenos:
#1 I would call the most hybrid, medium height sativa structure, large solid buds, and wood spice with a floral background

#2 a squat, branchy short-flowering plant with very nice corkscrew buds though not a big yielder, wood and spice fragrance with a floral undertone

#3 was the most hazey of the three ladies, tall structure with minimal branching, light fluffy buds, and a lemon/citrus underneath a wood spice fragrance.

All three were very strong smoke, and all in the head. #2 was my personal stash choice so far, with a blasting head stone that can induce mild auditory and visual distortion/hallucination. Also has a warm rush through the body after the mind comes back to some form of reality. Then the head clears, leaving behind a sense of euphoric bliss. My favorite strain in a garden with og kush, cheese, critical, kandy kush, and northern lights.

Yeah ray lovely plants simply, I'm loving your dedication to your garden an your results,Superb smoke wish I could sample your wares, first hand been watchn your grows as long as I have been online. Bravo! I hope you don't mind?
Looks Very Special.

Hello Raydiator, very nice solid resin BOMB! Doors.

Sure glad I picked up a pack.:)

Looking forward to your dream to come.


rb ;)
Hey M piranha , looking forward to these crosses also. Did not have a large selection but the females i sampled smelled of burnt antique wood with light fuel notes, with woody incense undertones.Very strong smoke
M Piranha, how did your girls and your crosses with the la Nina, the Shark come out?

Thanx for the "Jim Dawg" luv it :)

If His(The Doors) progeny turn out i am going to hit him with My The Cure keeper, Nevilies Haze Keeper, My four CBD Critical Mass and a clone only NYCD

If Not i Have Two NH Males waiting for their turn @ my young Harem :D
nice to see some doors going intersting crosses there , crossed 3 doors last year one very sweet female to an indian haze male ,one resinous female to a jonny blaze male and a doors male to a blue haze female havnt germed any of the jonny blaze cross yet, got a indian haze cross female up ive yet to try but the blue haze crosses were real nice flavour an effect and a fair yield
Wow chem x the doors will be a very interesting hybrid.

I'd be very grateful if you would document how you get on with this as chem and haze is a killer combination.

120 seed test run "Doors Male Crosses"


120 Doors crosses 60 ssh x Doors 60 "91 chemdawg clone only " x Doors
Damn dude you've been busy!! I hope you get a sick Jim Dawg keeper. Keep us updated! I wanna know if you get cat piss from sshxdoors or if that whole inbreeding haze equals cat piss is a bunch of shenanigans.
Looking very good raydiator i to cant wait to here how the chem x doors turns out keep us all updated
So what's actually in this strain? According to the site it says 75% Haze and 25% NL5. Yet I heard elsewhere that Shanti said it's 50% haze and contains skunk as well as NL.