The Doors done by Danklab

Danklab, looking forward to this, bro! And hey, raylovesmychorizzae, freaking beautiful, bro!! love the "extras", lmao!!

Hi All,

I got to try 3 phenos. All strong very similar in high, but one. It too the high just a little further. Was really almost too strong. Best to all...Ns

P.S. The strong one. I could only smoke so much before I had to back off...Could use a J over 2-3<<<Ns is a lightweight, or the Doors is damn strong...Ns
updated Doors by Danklab

Hey everyone, been a lonnnnnngggg time! I miss everyone and I really miss the forum. I've been so busy now, have about 15 strains right now i'm working with...will be pollenating one of my doors clones with my Black Widow pollen in 2 weeks.

Here are some pics of The Doors pheno G. Looks amazing and grows crazy calyxs. You can really see the old genetics in this strain for sure!

Mr. Nice The Doors Pheno G













All I have to say is 16 week Doors is now my FAVORITE STRAIN to date! The high was amazing and one bowl in my RooR made me the happiest person for at least 3-4 hours with no heavy comedown.

This strain done right is simply AMAZING, that's all I can say about that.

Best regards and miss everyone!

Danklabs Crew

P.S. Currently have 4 phenos of Resin Seeds Cannatonic and will also be breeding Mr. Nice Black Widow with B.O.G.'s Sour Bubble this Summer along with some other new ones!
More pics

Mr. Nice The Doors Pheno G







Here are some pics of 2 of the 4 cuts we took off the first Doors in Bloom. They are in rockwool, week 7 of bloom, bloomed from rooted cut. They self topped themselves and turned into 2 bushes.





On another note, The Doors strain is the fastest rooting and best all around strain to cut in my library.

Best regards!

Danklabs Crew
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Very nice grow to see, great job DankLabs

this strain is very interesting to me its like SSH's brother got with his aunt a NL5Haze x (NLhaze x SKunk Haze) with shantibabas selection doesn't seem like it could disapoint

will b keeping a good watch on all ur threads ive seen great things from u keep up the good work

Take it easy


Hey everyone thanks for stopping by.Thank you again Shanti for such a wonderful strain.Like noshow reported all phenos are good.One was super.Blow firends away fits of laughter type high.Still one to try.Thanks for all the kind words. Danklab
Hello Danklab... I am so impressed by your pheno I will hopefully be getting a pack soon. This one looks as potent as they come, and especially the neurological pain it seams to help is a plus. Thanks for this thread finally making up my mind for the ultimate of ultimates other than NH, I already have.Great Pictures of Bud Mass! peace, resinbud;)
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The Doors Rocks

Hi Resinbud thanks for stopping by.You will not be sorry with the doors.I currently have 7 more of that girl running along side one nevilles.They are at day 67 and looking great.I will post a couple pics soon.It tastes so good and the high puts people in fits of laughter. Joint goes out and you don't even remember your holding it.A couple people are afraid of it. All i can say and i know i have already said it.Thank You Shanti for such a special plant as always.Peace Danklab
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doors day 70

Heres a pic of the doors at about day 70.They are in 5 gallon geo pots filled with coco.Feeding ducth gold a&b half strength and adding dutch gold potash plus.The doors is so worth the wait.:D
check scrub's thread, he ran 400+ seeds over 5 years. Among some of the best growers on here, the doors is always pick of the litter in the mns stable, pretty unanimously too.....

coincidentally, those that find the special doors special pheno have never been seen again.

FYI look what @Yosemite Sam did with the doors in a 1.5L pot, absolutely ridiculous >

Happy hunting
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