The Cure - Retiring the cut - RIP



my favourite pic

Some more pics to come over the next week or two. Will be retiring this cutting, its been an uphill struggle keeping this cut alive, battling BM and reveg, LEO, moving home, and as I have a load more of these seeds in the fridge, I have a benchmark for further exploration with The Cure. The smell is unique to say the least. Gonna miss her.
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Hey Musashi

Its not a loss. I have learned a LOT from this plant. And she was a pleasure to watch.

One thing I would always do now is try to take a cutting as early as I can from a seed plant. This is for a few reasons. First to retain genetic integrity (if there is such a thing). Ive noticed that seed plants can finish distinctively different in structure yield and end product than from a mature cutting from the same plant. You would be surprised how much time can be shaved off flowering from seed to cutting. Secondly so that I can retain the seed plant as a mother as early on as I can and sex cuttings to speed up my cycle. Thirdly, pest control (if you have separate areas) as cuttings are easier to dip/drench than a potted plant.

I currently have a Moonshine Haze that i have 2 cuttings of revegged and slowly vegging, but they still look 50/50 as they had Broads and need another treatment. Trying some of Bodhi's gear for a mate (LA Affie x 88g13HP). They also have to be treated. Still have the Shit x Afg Haze to work through and added Mango Widow to the mix also

The Cure Mother plant (3rd pic down) was the most mature plant to be put into flower, and had exploded with pre flower by the time it went into flower. It really shows the potential of the plant and has the biggest densest colas, and will easily out yield the other plants. They are all very frost. I hope that the photos to come will show just how much. The resin stalks are very long, and coverage is excellent.


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Oh Yeah! Now that's what I'm talkin' about. Thanks for the share brah