The Cure in the Tropics.


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The Cure @ 68 days, Merry Christmas

This Cure Girl was only rooted for one week in clone form and is what you see, All from a cutting that roots FAST!!!!! and is the smoothest smoke out there, and the best medicine available for those in the knowm.;)

peace and good will.

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Update 80 days

Sorry to tell you this but I made a terrible mistake with the hydro Bud Big C.😱

I put Big C in a Heavy duty container to dry out slowly.

The Buds on Big C are beautiful if you look at my gallery they are there.

The amount of bud for such a clone size is incredible with Big C.

My plan was 84 days coming up in four days for 12 weeks with 2 weeks initial flowering for 10 weeks total time.

Today was 80 days and I looked inside chamber

All Buds covered in Cob Web mold and smelled of Piss and all buds were ruined and trashed.

The bud rot was entirely my fault assuming she would use up existing water for the dry perlite didn't happen.

Still have mother plant so more to come shortly just the hydro section ended abruptly .

More soon




Definitely a very interesting flavour The Cure packs. Just curing some right now, and it is slightly harsh, and was on just water for the last 3 weeks. Came down at 11 weeks, The flavours are complex, and it packs an unusual punch too. I'm getting the incense type aromas, with a bit of a peppery flavour that hits the back of the throat quite heavily. Not the usual terpenes most are used to, so I agree with you resinbud when u say for those in the know, coz most of my peeps would turn their noses up at this on first smell. Great looking plants btw. Shame about the rot. I lost 50% of a top cola all down to overwatering the room one night (and it had a ruptured stem amidst the cola which I think was where the moisture started). It's like that cola is ur heart, coz that's what it feels like ripping out half of it!!!


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Those in the know 😎

Thank you Herbsman for the compliments and yes a wonderful variety high in the good stuff for sure.

I have read the profile on The Cure and is Extremely medicinal from the report and was a happy day seeing the report using one word

Astounding πŸ˜‡LevelsπŸ’­πŸπŸŒ

The harsh smoke I experienced with the Cure were indica short appearance and all four I had looked very similar to one another and all were Harsh.

The Sativa pheno I have is the smoothest smoke you will ever encounter πŸ™

All the stems are burgany purple that you will identify as the pheno I recommend.

Had another pheno awhile back same as smelly sister with pictures that was very harsh as well but what a beauty.πŸ‘°πŸ’”

The smelly girl Sativa purple stem girl roots in seven days every single time tried and consider that fast!

More to come and thanks for your support.✌



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Big C πŸ“‘

Hello Everone ��

Thanks Herbsman for the contribution with your pictures of the Cure very similar as mine. Thanks

Big C is a very nice and very smooth.

Look for the purple stems and Sativa profile as the short ones are nice just not as nice as the tall Sativa.

One particular Quadruplet sister was Depressing for all who smoked her and was not a day brightner.

More pictures to come of this Cure girl Presently flowered in a 5 gallon DWC with my own formula that always makes White Roots in a Black Bucket.

This girl was flowered at 6 inches in clone form.

This is one to watch.��


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Big C

Hello Everyone, and thanks for your support ;)

I have many beautiful pictures of the Cure but unable to download them for some reason when my picture space is unlimited.:confused:

When I try to download pictures as I have always done, the computer says ERROR number 301.

Any ideas what the problem could be anyone ?

If you find the Dark Purple Stem Pheno of the Cure with Multiple branches, and smooth as silk, Thats the one as The Big C is All Sativa by the looks of her and wish I could share what I have to continue with this blog.

More to come I hope .




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This is what it says

Fatal error. Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted.
Tried to allocate 10368 bytes.





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The Cure

So sorry for the dely could not download anything here at MNS but now I can! hehe!
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Hi Professor thanks for stopping bye. Yes, you probably noticed a few pictures due to a few being used by Shanti advertising the Cure on MNS. If you look at the pictures about the Cure on MNS, they are mine. When I first put them up here at MNS I could not download any on my blog, but now I can. Thanks for noticing your very intuitive and appreciated.πŸ€—

Enjoy, many more.


RB :p