The Cure in the Tropics.


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High there, Wow!! I am so excited about this new seed line I thought I would share.

I have had a few problems growing these by killing a few at start by accident

The first one that died was a beauty, it was cut in half killing it.

And then today I lost 3 more by accident with 8 left.

These 8 left all look amazing but 3 of them are extra special.

I had to grow these and so should you, when they germinate there are lke purple plum looking colors below leaf is beautiful to look at so young.

Stay tune, it is about to get resiny with many pictures to follow.

All the phenos look Awesome and so vigorous. Exciting!!:D


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arpege and sharky

Nice of you both stopping by,:)

Yeah, a kevlar vest hehe, more like a little rapid rooter rolling over the first one by not being secured in a 4 inch container like the rest, and it rolled plowing through, breaking one Cure in half, a very beautiful baby plant was the reason.

The other three yesterday, were killed the same way but 4 inch container rolled on top of three when it was tilted moving it,

The ones killed were not the fastest ones and smaller than the eight ones still alive, and three are very, very nice.

More to come.

And thanks for your interest.


rb ;)


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Keepers are very apparent.

Hello everyone,

When you eventually grow these, don't think for a second that all the phenos are the same in this line, there are special ones to look for.:D

I started 12, lost 4, and all were planted together in the same soil mix, etc,etc, and found One Massive Pheno, and two other Massive ones that look similar, but are shorter, rest are much smaller, but still very nice.:cool:

This one Massive pheno I found in the Cure, could be male or female? and really smells at such a young age, where as the other two have no smell, but are Beautiful and Massive structure I was shooting for, as massive for me is what I seek.

I will keep you all posted on the outcome of this and wanted to mention, that not all plants are the same in this line, and one should plant at least 12 to find a few special ones more quicker than later, at least for me.

The smell from this Massive Baby cure is incredible at such a young age, and the Green leaf is different, and with almost shades of blueish tint, unusual green color and very healthy growth pattern.

The Cure seed line looks Incredible, and the Vigor this Giant is showing me, makes me want to get a few more packs, and if I was you, get some fast!

rb ;)
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hi resinbud

thanks for sharing

happy to have snagged a couple cleanings of the cure before they are gone!

looking forward to the rest of this journal :)


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Hello there Toolwrenchus :) That is allot of seeds to find a winner I assure you.

I ended up with seven females and only one male culled.

Three of the Female of the Cure are BIG PLANTS! One in particular smells very hazy from three weeks old and the tallest one.

The hairs are so tiny you can't see them very well and thought the tall one was a male but definately a female and MASSIVE to the others I will show soon.

Another MASSIVE female is a little shorter and stockier, very beautiful plant with faint smells I can't figure out but will.

The last MASSIVE female is the slowest of the three and very sensitive to the nutients given even at 1/2 strength where the other two show Vigorous Activity and this slower one has a little leaf burn at the bottom,and got to it quick to prevent it further.

These seeds The Cure have MASSIVE phenos to find so grow at least half a pack to find a winner as I found three and they look MARVELOUS!:cool:



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Major news!!!!

Get some of these seeds ASAP, as ALL of them Look Incredible, but Two of them are stellar!

These plants from my few seeds germinated are mostly females with the ones that survived from the start.

The one male I found didn't appear to be as special as the other siblings and removed, as LN male is waiting for the chance, hehe to breed a few.:D

This one particular female I thought was a male, became the most MASSIVE looking female structure I have seen from MNS thus far, and smelled her at three weeks old from seed. This could very well be the best keeper, other than MW# 5 I have ever experienced, and is why I am writhing to tell you about it.

I always look for MASSIVE girls to keep in the harem when managing only a few.

You may miss something never to experience again if you don't get a few packs before it ends forever.


rb ;)
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The Cure Phenos Found.

Hi everyone,:D This genetic is extra special I assure you and the phenos found so far are as this category listed below.

1.) Out of 12 seeds germed three were MASSIVE! and the other four females look very similar to one another, with same growth patterns like quadruplets and very identical to one another.

2.) The stinky one REEKS! and is a stench of the highest caliber. This girl is a MASSIVE extremely fast growth girl with some purple in the mix. Consider her a Man and is in the boxing ring known as TYSON and kicks everyones behinds by that positive look of beautification you must experience. ALL Haze!:p

3.)Then this other Massive pheno looks like a hybrid and extremely impressive looking with hybrid characteristics a must have with this breed. Multiple bud sites and very aggressive growth patterns viewed daily. slight smell not much and can't make it out yet.

4.) Then there is this other third Cure who is completely opposite of the first two and grows a single cola with no side branches. This pheno is slower growth patterns than her sisters and very nute sensitive I am working on and requires very little nutrients and dialing her in. This girls is going to have a MASSIVE single Cola that will be 50% haze is so cool:cool: I am excited:D:D

Glad you're doing this thread, the fact that you kept it real through the hard stuff actually gives you much more credibility in my mind than someone that starts out with a perfect grow.

I like the pic, is the fourth phenotype you described in your second to last post, the one with no side branching? Either way she'll be 50% Haze and I'm excited with you, I'm curious to see both what the Afghan/Skunk and the Haze AC bring to this cross.

Great thread so far. The hiccups just make it more relatable. When the ole lady's happy we're all happy.


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Hello Multistrain Gardener,

The three Main Phenos I found include the Single Cola Cure Pheno and hates the nutes! She is being fed stricly Extreme Gardening AZOS, and is looking fantastic, what a Beautiful Pole to look at. {She has been cloned}very hard to root but successful.:cool:

The picture I showed you above is from the Quadruplets with all still looking very similar and beginning to smell unusually Excellent! one of the phenos is maybe two inches shorter than the other three, but still look similar in all details. The Quads all have NO side branching, just a Pole columbar look.:D

The smelly Cure girl is a Multi Branched plant and filling out nicely. That smell she is throwing out is STRONG but very pleasant. Multi BUDS Everywhere with nice strurdy branches great for wind and no fear of Breakage. Incredible plant and one of my very,very favorites to date!:p a 12 weeker I believe?seed

The other sister is similar to the smelly one but smells fruitier and not offensive, she is also Multi Branches extreme fast grower and betting both of these will be 12 weekers, seed.

Seven Beautiful Phenos to share soon with all the necessary pictures to keep you interested and won't leave you hanging for more.

You can't stay focused if you let problems destroy your fun.:D

He who has expression in himself is God from whom springs all else.

Happy Holidays, God Bless

rb ;)
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Nice looking plants Resin. Wish there was a scratch and sniff for the screen:p The Cure has always ben on my radar just need to pull the trigger and get a couple packs . Hope that thick ones is evertything you expect it to be. Thanks for the thread