Testers Thread May 2009


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hello jon2 welcome!.

Yes Shanti did pick all the testers, but from a wide spectrum of people countries and abillities. :cool:

So everyone that asked "and some who did not!" have been given a chance 50 or so people.

The Strains in the test are also availiable from vu-du.com, to purchase.;)

I hope this helps?.

Perfect, yeah im here in socal and been quite interested in these strains and genetics. I'll probably order today.


Joe King Park

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No Question These Babes Love The Indoors- EHT#2

Ok, These Plants Are Less Than One Month Old !!
This Being My Second Run- Test , Indoors Only This Time Round And I Am Happy To Say They Are Growing Twice As Quickly As The Outdoor Grow I Did This Last Summer.
Lots Of Indica Pheno's In The Batch I Am Growing ( 8 Out Of Ten Growing Fine )
However , I Have A Problem
Could Someone Identify The " Wassup " Image For Me And Diagnose It's Cause
No Fertilisers have Been Added Yet
Thanks ( And Thanks )