Tall MW Clone, Flowered at 19 months old


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RB my friend...Can you do me a favor? Maybe more info on your MW, and all. Medically speaking...Now something I find funny. You mention 9 seeds left. That is exactly how many I have left...lol. A good friend here with issues similar to mine had the MW. He found a pheno that helped with the pain issues like an indica, but didn't knock you out. Unfortunatly he lost it due to some issues. I hope you, or even I find that. Sounds like yours went good for you. Have a good one friend...Ns


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Great news....I love seeing your big ass plants down there in the tropics...You must still have some buds left from those other monster mango widows you grew last time. Love your pics a few pages back
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Nice plants mate - Its good to finally see some pics from your good self..

Be Well,


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sounds great .cant wait 4 sum pics. I just had 2 MW plants break soil. they will be going outdoors in July:)


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HEY resinbud mate!

Good to see ya back. I was getting a little worried especially since I sent ya a pm months ago and didn't hear from ya. All looks good resinbud, see you got those beautiful girls going nicely bro.

Hope all is well and speak soon,



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Hello Everyone... This Mango Widow genetic line has many phenos in it to find that special keeper. I have found five superior phenos out of one pack from from our source and could not be happier with this choice.

This last pheno keeper of MW #5 is MASSIVE! I still have this pheno #5, and I have big plans for her. This #5 is a bud factory, and is a very FAST! girl.

I am looking forward to showing you how very, very special MW #5 is in the coming months, and MW #10 will be the experimental CBD female for breeding within my thread The CBD Experiment on MNS.

peace, resinbud;)
Hi Resinbud. you must have sheltered that #5 pheno from the awful-n-rough Isaac! Man! Hope you enjoy her for all she's worth.


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MW #5 is MASSIVE! pheno at 54 days.

Hello There everyone following this thread about Mango Widow.:)

This MW #5 is a serious Bud Making Machine and is just incredible smoke.

I have taken this girl at 55 days the first time due to gooey slime mold on a couple buds so I pulled it. I dried it,cured it, and the smoke is amazing taken at 55 days, crisp and very clear, very satisfied at 55 days at 10/14.

This #5 is so Massive I am getting concerned the buds will snap and taking a chance not supporting them as she is very ,very solid stems of strength is my hope until the end.

I have taken this girl at 55,63, and the latest plan now is 70 dys and really convinced she is done at 55 dys for the cleanest high imaginable.




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Sounds inticing Resinbud! You might have to wire some of those heavy buds up!( I go through alot of wire ) as long as they have the support they just get bigger and bigger it seems.. that MangoWidow cross has alot of keen elements in it for sure..making notes! -:cool:

By the way Resinbud , is this plant outdoors as we speak? just curious..
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MW #5 , First day out flowered.

Hello there!:) What a summer it has been for me mostly traveling and staying busy.

This MW #5 female I have had for two years is an incredible work of art.

This girl is so good in a vape or rolled one, and always gets you were you want to be with no hang over to speak of.

I am confident that she finishes so fast, I mean fast!

If you add a week veg time, she will finish in 56 days total from very start of flowering. 49 total flowering days.

If you add two weeks veg time before stopping,she will put you at 63 dys flowering from start to finish. 49 days total flowering time.

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Almost lost MW #5 this past summer.

I forgot to mention that this particular MW # 5 girl was a back up of another that was supposed to be flowered instead of the current clone before you.

The clone that was supposed to flower drowned due to a major storm that passed through, and the mother cham ber was covered in six inches of rain along with a pump taking care of them as well.

I was hoping I would have a massive pheno of this particular pheno to share with the community.

The back up clone was in a dry chamber rooting and is what you see in the picture up top.

This clone grew so fast it is double the height of last years at two feet exactly at highest point.

This #5 MW is also in a 10 gallon Air Pot, an increase from last year of 3 gallon more of soil, and those Air Pots are good for another 25 % or more production should be EPIC! amounts.

This is so exciting and many, many pictures to follow.

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