Super Silver Haze - Pheno Hunting - Electric Sky LED CoCo Grow


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Looking to find a killer Super Silver Haze pheno to keep as a mother so will be taking clones along the way. First time growing her, my goal is to make this one of the most well documented grow journals on the site, with lots of pics. Tips and advice are always welcome, hope you all enjoy!!

Light - Electric Sky ES300 V3 LED
Medium - Coco Coir

Lets start with a photo of my pack of 18 and the 7 seeds I've chosen..



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Hmmm, could we see the rest of them, I'm not sure you made the best choices :unsure:

*edit* just kidding, those are great specimens. What did you use to take the photos?
Haha you had me just about ready to go grab my gear!

I’m using a Canon 5d Mark iii for the camera and a used Canon 65mm macro lens that I found locally for a steal. (Still learning how to use the lens)


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We're gonna see some awesome pictures! Can't wait! Wish I was swimming with the seeds. Oh wait, maybe not, didn't Luca Brasi swim with the seeds?



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In less than 9 hours all seeds are at the bottom. Sign of good things to come I hope 😁.

Next step -> In-between damp paper towels (between two plates, wrapped in a towel sitting on a heating pad) they go. Yes probably overkill but how I like to do it.

T-minus 24-48 hours til they’re in their coco cell pots. Will be aiming for 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch taproots.


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Picked a terrible time to start these seeds.. in the middle of seven, 12 hour night shifts in a row and these taproots decided they were big enough for coco this afternoon! Here are a couple more phone pictures as I scrambled to get a light hung and my coco mixed before work! A few more DSLR pics to come in the next few days.