Super Silver Haze - May 2020


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Week 3 Veg - Mid week

To accommodate some places for the new NL5xHaze plants, it's a bit crowded.

But once the NHS will be harvested, they will have their own tent :D

Ah yes, fiming has been done too.

Looking real good
How long do you plan on vegging for?
What height are you working with?

This is going to be EPIC!!


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Probably about flip time.
My last ssh x 98 aloha white widow went 6 foot with a 4 week veg.
Very stretchy.
Hi n2ishun !

I hope it's not too stretchy, and if required I will top and retop them but due to a lack of space, they'll have to stay in veg until the N.H.S. are harvested, so prob for another 3 or 4 weeks.

My goal is to get them in a kind of "inverted chandelier" shape I'm looking for : a mix of LST/HST techniques.

But if the strain is that stretchy, will I have to cut a hole in the ceiling ? ;)
From what I can see from here on your picture, I think that the internode distance is longer with your plant.

Maybe a more "Haze" phenotype ? then indeed : it stretches more.

I'll try to post a side picture to show the short internodal distance.


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No, that's just how they grow. That's not my only ssh run, I've done many....its just that pic was easy to sort out from the thousands I have.
It looks indica till the flip, stretch city for maybe 30-40 days then fill in for another 40-50 days is about how ssh goes straight up from shanti or crossed with most anything.
It does seem to be dominant in crosses too.

Long spears that dry light tan to mid brown....taste varies and it's not all that special in taste but it can be very strong smoke.