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Joy, joy, joy! Ever since I was a teenager Super Silver Haze has been an almost mythical strain in my heart. The first pheno I ever encountered was a lemony treat which rock my brain with insane potency, rapid heartbeat, and heavy visuals. Granted I was a novice smoker but this stuff was epic without a doubt. Fast forward a few years and imagine a student living in dorms. A SSH pheno comes around that literally smells like dog poo and is so strong even veteran smokers get the giggles, get hungry, and fall promptly asleep. This student and two of his friends smoked 3oz of this stuff to theirs domes in less than three days... he was never seen in class again. That boy was, of course, me. True story. Needless to say, I want that kind of strong medicine in my garden. I've never really been able to afford seeds like these before because I'm fairly poor, but one of my patients is a rather rich older fella', and has recently made my genetic dreams come true :)

DSC03894 (Copy).JPG
DSC03903 (Copy).JPG

Watered in with
DSC03913 (Copy).JPG
Hygrozyme . . . - 5ml/gal
Trinity . . . . . . . .- 7.5ml/gal
Extreme Serene - 5ml/gal
Piranah . . . . . . .- 1/2tsp/gal
Tarantula . . . . . - 1/2tsp/gal

Pull up a chair folks we're putting this old school genetic to the test 2 beans at a time!


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They're up!

Just 40 hours later both SSH seeds are bursting out of the ground with seed shells already shed. These Super Silver Haze seeds from Mr. Nice sprouted first out of 6 strains!! (Black Widow, White Widow, La Nina, White Siberian, & Moby Dick)

DSC03921 (Copy).JPG
DSC03979 (Copy).JPG

DSC03920 (Copy).JPG
DSC03980 (Copy).JPG



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Gettin' goin'

Happy, healthy, & a little stretchy... but since this pic they've been moved to a much brighter space.
DSC04016 (Copy).JPG

... and now for the slowest part of their entire lives. Guess all they need now is a little light, water, and

a week goes by...

DSC04091 (Copy).JPG

... another week or two and I'll transplant them. My garden is never in a hurry though. I often hold plants back to make sure my rotation is correct.


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2 weeks later...

It's about time for an update but I'm holding these girls back & I've been spraying them for mites with heavy oils so.... um... they don't look as good as they could. But worry not folks, they WILL pull out of it and become monsters of the chron world!

SSH #1 : DSC04342 (Copy).JPG Was been put into main veg room few days ago.
SSH #2 : DSC04337 (Copy).JPG Just put into veg room yesterday.

All the unhealthiness you're seeing is from the spray. They were in perfect condition until they got hit, and those seedling not sprayed are still in great form.


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These two are much bigger than they used to be for sure; 'bout a foot and a half and pretty bushy. They've gotten stretchy due to being root-bound for sure. All-in-all they've handled the the rough treatment very well.

All three Mr. Nice Seeds strains I have been stressing out lately have grown faster than their peers and have many more tops than most. I'd guess the girls are about 2 feet tall.

Will send one or both into flower as soon as possible. Must run through another Chocolope, and Vanilla Kush, then a Banana, Critical Mass, Qrazy Train #4, and my TGA test beans (1-3) Green Queen x JTR before these SSH's will get a run.


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after being held back in a 1 liter pot for a long time... this happened...

Veg. Traits:
Vigor: 9
Node Spacing: Long
Structure: Wide bush with multiple toppings
Size: Huge
Nutrients: Normal/likes Nitrogen
Notes: Grows BIG. Bigger in a 2 gallon pot than many strains in a 10 gallon. This pheno is much larger than her sister. Been in flower for a few days now. This SSH#1 is the biggest, bushiest, fastest growing, most healthy girl out of 11 girls planted at the same time (2 Black Widow, 2 White Widow, 2 La Nina, 2 SSH, 1 Moby Dick, 1 Blue Widow, and 1 White Siberian).

Less than a week into flowering. Remember 40 days ago this plant was 18 inches tall by 15 inches wide. Mr. Nice indeed,

IMG_0448 (Copy).JPG IMG_0447 (Copy).JPG


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This post is up to date as of less than a week ago!

SSH#1 is near 5 weeks in bloom now and two things are very clear:

ONE, she is already very gooey and has pretty tight nugs,
TWO, when I was pollinating a couple of her branches some pollen got aways and dusted the top of many of her nugs!

Oops! Looks like we're gonna have more SSH x Bubblegum than expected. My little 5x5 inch fan sucked some pollen up and you can see a line of seeds where the fan hits the plant directly. What a noob! Look for the little beans forming on the tops of buds in the close-ups below. Keep in mind this plant is in a 2 gallon pot!

These pics are from day 28 of bloom
IMG_0633 (Copy).JPG IMG_0634 (Copy).JPGIMG_0635 (Copy).JPG
IMG_0636 (Copy).JPG IMG_0638 (Copy).JPG IMG_0640 (Copy).JPG

SSH#2 is still rocking out in veg. Looking super green and ready to roll into bloom room next week sometime :p


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Your style is almost beyond compare. \dont think Ive ever seen anything like that before.Im really impressed.:D.And wow all in one day too PeaceAB:)


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looking good pal nice size plant for the pot size
Very nice, I too am impressed such a small pot can support such a big healthy plant.
Thanks guys! All the credit goes to Nevil and ShantiB on this one. The only good job I've done here is keep her from taking over the whole garden, lol. God, sometimes I think about what would have happened if I threw her in a 10 gallon like my normal plants.

Your style is almost beyond compare. \dont think Ive ever seen anything like that before.Im really impressed..And wow all in one day too PeaceAB
One day? lol! I'd be calling the Guinness Book of World Records or something at that point. But this SSH isn't far off world record pace in vigor. Her sister is acting much more like a "normal" plant; still big, healthy, and vigorous, but not monstrously so. Thanks for stopping by :)

Gidday, OniusOniusOnius,

Saved to my SSH info folder ;)

tks mate
Glad you stopped by diddley :) The more the merrier. I only worry that finishing this beauty up while so rootbound is going to be a challenge. We'll see!


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Beautiful Super Silver, OOO. :D What kinds of smells is she putting out?
Just got back from the garden where I gave gave SSH#1 a rub and sniff. Smells like half delightful fruit (mango/apple) and half funk/dank. Still a little early to see how her smell's gonna turn out.

Having a little trouble keeping her from yellowing early. Think roots are starting to choke her out. I'm used to 10 gallon pots that need water every other day, but this 2 gallon needs it more than once a day... arg... Feeding with over 1000PPM organic (1500 ish chem nute equivalent) every day! Didn't think SSH was suppose to be a big feeder, but I guess she's just a hungry girl in a little pot :)
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She's 47 days into bloom today :)

SSH #1 is looking super, duper, uper, chron! It's got that special glimmer that extra gooey strains seems to have. She's also got what appears to be perfect calyx spacing, just enough to fill the space with trichs.​

33 days:
IMG_0851 (Copy).JPG IMG_0886 (Copy).JPG IMG_0887 (Copy).JPG
IMG_0969 (Copy).JPG IMG_0970 (Copy).JPG IMG_0971 (Copy).JPG IMG_0976 (Copy).JPG

43 days:
IMG_0977 (Copy).JPG IMG_0978 (Copy).JPG IMG_0980 (Copy).JPG IMG_0981 (Copy).JPG IMG_0983 (Copy).JPG

Gonna take her down at around 8 weeks. I think she'd be a nine weeker if she wasn't choking herself out. No way to tell for sure till I run her again. Still smells like a kick-ass mix of mango/apple/skunk.
Really excited to smoke this one!

SSH #2 is going into flower tonight!
IMG_1034 (Copy).JPG


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OK... sampled my first early nug. It was just a gram or so but man does it pack a punch. Sent me soaring, then hungry, then tired. Just the way I remember SSH being! What a plant!


great show

hey tripleO!!!!

really really nice grow show you've here.......

how many seeds did you find in your pack?


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hey tripleO!!!!

really really nice grow show you've here.......

how many seeds did you find in your pack?
Thanks :)
Found 18 in the plastic vial. Will be popping more as time goes by for sure. First one is super nice though, can't wait to see the second pheno start nugging up in a couple weeks.

Hello Onius!

What a beautiful lady, man... Great job!!!
Thanks Sibanac :) She's gonna look even better when I throw her into a 7 gallon next time, instead on 2.

Lord Siva

Wow she really gave that 2 gallon pot a work out.
Does she taste like her smells?
Good to see you got a pheno that brings you back to yesteryear, gotta love nostalgia.