Super Silver Haze 1 x Super Silver Haze 2 (Bean Ho)


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Bean Ho crossed two Super Silver Haze Phenos from a large pool of Mr Nice SSH. One was a 9 wk SSH pheno, #2. The other was a super Hazy 12-14 wk SSH, #1.

Growing two Phenos selected from 8 females. One 9 wk pheno and one 12-14 wk pheno.

12-14 wk pheno... week 9 of flower.

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It was nice to find myself in this thread, well done Hank :). I would be most interested in hearing how they smoke, hope to see some more wonderful shots to come.


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Nice job. is this your first time going them out . I did see Beanho have alot MNS cross . I think he was listed on Hempdepot or something. I was wondering about them . thanx for taking the time and posting . get us updated .


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Bean Ho's a pollen chuckin mofo.

Glad to see some of the stuff he's made and especially glad to hear most of it is using MNS genetics.

would love to hear a smoke report once finished. ;)