Summer Spice in the Sun


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What are the others vegetables?
I can reconise tomatoes, but wonder if the other ones are zucchini or pumpkins or concombers?
Hey tom, good eye. There are yellow squash, zucchini, cilantro, heritage tomatoes, and peppers (they're slower growing than the hybrids). I already have the sweet peas, onions, lettuce, and carrots planted.

The Spice are very vigorous and growing fast.


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So far there are three Spice watching from the first batch. Here goes another pack to give life more Spice.


Yesterday they were mostly starting to crack open so planted them in cups for germination.

Looking for girls girls girls


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some of my spice plants have a most unpleasant rotting berries smell. be prepared to wipe yourself down w/ rubbing alcohol and to change clothes after tending to these girls if you intend to socialize. I consider this a positive cannabis trait.
I hear ya man. I was looking at these here with the pink pistils and got a big wiff of stinky.

So far all but one of batch 2 has sprouted. Things are Spicing up.


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Well I dug around and found the last sprout. It was white as a ghost, and looked about to give up. I brought it up and gave it some light and it started to green up. That makes 100% germination on Spice round 2 if it survives.

I've seen plenty of trifoliate seedlings, and ime they are usually turn out male.

This time Spice threw out a quad-foliate. It will be interesting to see how it grows.



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The older Spice are not very odiferous yet but the buds are rock hard. Starting to frost up a bit now.

Baby Spice is starting to perk up from another 4" of rain. That's almost 10" in the past week.