Sshssog test


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Hey guys,

Trying a new setup with some Super Silver Haze clones (along with a couple of similar parentage).

The setup is a Stadium Sea Of Green setup, 2x1000w HPS Aircooled bulbs, 12" exhaust fan, 6" fresh air intake, multiple ocilating fans for air movement, using 6" grodan slabs, GH 3 part, grotek budfuel, heavybud, monster bloom, vitmax plus, potasium silicate and hygrozeme.
1.4 EC 5.5 PH.
ROOM TEMP 24.7C DAY 20.5C Night

One meter I have placed 18 clones with about 5 days veg
One meter I have placed 24 coones with aboyt 2 days veg

8 hours after initial planting on the slab I shut the lights out for 36 hours. I find this helps push the plant into flower faster.

O in front of G

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Picture pictures!!!

Um yes stadiums for the win... Vert bare bulb 600s i like better than a 1k but im sure you will rock this out proper... Anyone who has gotten to the point of running a stadium is usually worth listening to... Ill be finding my seat over here in the back left....

About the pictures....

After upload it will take you to the image page. Or if you click on a thumb in your gallery it will take you to the same page...

Scroll down and there is a box that says medium image...

Copy that box.. The full

Paste into your reply box...

That link by Jesse is what i should have posted instead of rambling on and on...

You will figure it out... Just wish my pictures didnt automatically rotate.. Drives me mad... Sit down and toke and wait it out..

All the best.. Looking forward to the show... Where did this cut of ssh come from??



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Thanks bro, ill play with the pics tonight.

I ran a pack of 15 SSH and she was the best of the bunch. Love the strain so much nNext spring gonna do a big run of 75 seeds to find a real keeper. Ill post that as well. Just so tired lof kush..boring!

Also gonna grab a few packs of angel heart. Ssh for power, angel for taste


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as you can tell from the pics, growth seem to slow this week. still hoping for a 10 week finish


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Clones should give you an edge on how many days to finish. Do you have that info?
They look nice to me in any event.


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I pulled the mother plant down at around 10 Weeks but it could have gone one more easy. I figure with the cuttings 10 should be fine. The room is really starting to smell. This is my first run using cuttings from this seed mother.


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wow nice set up there good thinking i could never run that much power though just for me but they are beautiful i am a big lover of the SSH it came down to this and my afghan haze i took the road less traveled do you have any indica favorites? i need to make my tent as productive as this but id have to get a few smaller led panels for the stadium to work for me :)



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yeah i got a little bit of master kush x sskunk1 off a buddy the musk is what i love the best its just soo deep and intense :D
just getting medicated on it
how funny that you said that
ive popped some bagseed dairy queen from tga
just two got wasted space after seeing this :eek: haha
and its good dank bud gooey even
i wont be flipping til after crimbo now :(