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Originally 20 Seeds started, 2 seedlings succumbed to damping off, 13/18 were females... I vegged the seedlings until they showed sex then cloned and cut back the mothers, kept back ups of ze ladies. They are on day 10 of 12/12~




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Not sure where I got 13 females from, but there were 12 females from seed and 22 plants in total... I snapped better pictures with the lights off as I pulled the girls out to disinfect the tent, trim all of the lower scrub and prune the leads~

good luck with 'em bodah, there is a wonderful variety of top shelf phenos to be found in a pack of SSH!


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Hey Bodah,

Comin' up on week four and I was wonderin' how the girls are doin'...Peace!

Edit: Also, it looks like they are in coco?...you mind given some details such as medium, feed, lighting, and so on. Thanks man...