SSH X Critical Mass


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Anyone ever breed these 2 together?

I have a really nice SSH Female. Huge producer, and if I had to guess would say its 22% THC anyway. I have no way to guess CBD ect, but the Buzz is very long lasting, and has a pretty good crash. Id estimate 1%+ CBD

This plant finishes in 63 days, and will produce 2lbs per light with proper temperatures. 20oz-24oz being average. Vegged in 5 gallons Pro Mix BX. Flowered in single 20 gallon containers, 2 plants per 1000 watt Hortilux. + they are bent, and stressed daily. shaken vigorously within reason. Light breeze always. No Topping. Much bending. Both the main stem, and side branching.

I also recently went through a pack of Critical Mass, and was also really impressed by the Buzz, and consistency of the plants. All of them were good. I did see some nanners.. Not Many 2-3 toawards the very end of flowering, and I consider this normal. In nature as a last resort almost all of them will do this.

Im also talking maybe 10 seeds out of 20oz of buds.

I also noticed this on CM, Kosher Kush. Ghost Train Haze #1. Barney Farm Original Non Fem G13 x Haze.. It was a KILLER PLANT, and was totally ruined when they went Feminized. They were JUNK. Ive never had good luck with any Fem Strain Ive ever tried.

The Barneys LSD was also JUNK. May as well have been Hemp. I tried some FEM Blue Moonshine from Dutch Passion, ( JUNK ) and it was 000 like the original DJ Short Blue Moonshine. It was a huge Sativa, with HUGE buds, that was the most acrid Skunk Ive ever seen. I like skunk, but this stuff was not pleasant. But it had the best potentcy of any Fem Ive tried. But got rid of it. The original BM. Non Fem, was short stout plants, with a Blueberry smell. Better than the Original DJ Blueberry. More KUSH. Grows slower...I got 20 oz off of a 22 inch tall x 4 foot wide BM. Rock hard buds.

Good stuff but not as potent as the Critical Mass/SSH.

I was wondering if anyone has bread a Critical Mass Male into the SHH Female ?

The SHH pheno is a Sativa leaning, and is really fast grower. Pine/cat piss smell.
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Critical Haze would be pretty close

CM x Afghan Haze...

and that is one hell of a cross right there...


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Would you think the offspring would keep the fast growing traits of the Mother SSH ?

The SSH is in a another league as far as fast growing vs CM. In flower the CM is as beautiful. Maybe not quite as potent. But still great.

I was thinking that considering how consistent the CM is, + early flowering, that the CM Male, would possibly bring down the flowering time a small amount, and make the buds of the SSH a bit harder. While Im 100% satisfied with the bids on the SSH. At 2lbs a light its doing something thing right.

Im also hoping the CM, which is also a good producer, that the offspring will retain the best characteristics of both parents, possibly leaning towards the SSH, but more consistent.

The SSH has a really wide flowering time, and the plants can vary much more than the CM.

I plan on using 2 Big Plants under 1 x 1000 Hortilux ( 12 oz plants if not seeded ) in 20 gallon containers, and making them 100% Seed Plants.

I also plan on growing out 5 packs of the CM, and keeping all of the Males.

If I get 15 males Ill keep them all alive and then test the seeds from each male in a small grow of multiple plants to see what the best male is.

Ill then kill all the males except the best 1(s). There may be a couple.

Im not just going to select a Male from a pack or 2 and be done with it.

Ill veg out the males, and then take cuttings, and use those to breed, and never flower out the Original Fathers. I can realistically keep 15 males alive for 9 months. I don't want to waste space any longer than that.

Also I would be using the CM Male, as the 1 you mentioned I believe used the CM Female ?

What differences will this make ??


Imho it is anecdotal and impossible to say bro.

My line of logic is as follows:
You have seen other "breeders" trying to cross Haze+Nl and Haze+Skunk and then cross those two together.
But the end result was nothing like SSH, only the names might have been similar like "Silver Haze" or something.

Theoretically, yes, what you assume is possible and not imho unlikely.
But it might also simply work out in a completely different way.

"Sadly" biology isn't like cooking where you can just through the right ingredients together in the right ratios and agitate them the right way and voila.

I would answer like this:
CM certainly has THE POTENTIAL do yield the results you desire in a cross with SSH.
SSH also certainly has the potential to carry on the characteristics you seek to its progeny.

But will they?

I think that is impossible to answer.
That's what makes real breeders: Trial and error, running sufficient numbers of plants, crossing, running sufficient numbers of progeny, selecting the right plants to inbreed, create the F2s, run them, select the right plants to backcross to the S1 etc. etc. etc.

I am afraid it is impossible to say Bro.

It COULD work as you intend. But it also could not.
You probably just have to try ^^