Hi everyone,
I won a pack of SSH x ac , I will attempt my first grow report for anyone that is interested. I may need some help to work out how to post photos. I put 9 seeds from about 54 in a wet face washer on the kitchen windows sill. All sprouted by third day. They are now in small plastic cups , and are 2 inches high at about 1 week. I will be running with 5 Mango Haze 5 critical Haze 5 la nina 5 pink Floyd and 9 SSH plants from seed. I had 6 la nina and six pink Floyd seeds sprout but killed one of each in my haste to transplant . I have experience running all strains except the pink Floyd and SSH ac. I will run in coco perlite in small pots , and switch to 10/14 as soon as they are all a couple of inches high . Not sure how the pink Floyd will like 10/14 as it seems to take after the critical Mass from the photos I've seen here but the rest should be happy . I will take a couple of cuttings of each and decide which ones to keep when they are finished. I will remove all males once they show and keep one from each strain outside for some pollen collection. This run will be for mother selection only so they will all be cramed in to a fairly confined space for the number of plants and the stretch that goes with these girls. I will try to give a detailed report on the SSHx ac , as these should be interesting. I will post some photos as soon as I work out how . I'm expecting anywhere from 10 to 20 weeks of flower for the SSH x ac as the regular SSH I've run have ranged from 8 to 16 weeks. Any tips with posting photos or opinions help /ideas very much welcome. Thankyou.
Hey @Wilbur Stagg!

How does your garden grow? I'm very interested in this cross as I am sure others are too!

Hi Mu , I'm very interested too . This grow will be dedicated to my dad who sadly passed away 28 days ago hence the delay in the thread. 20211128_102354_compress.jpg20211128_102609_compress.jpgThe shit is looking OK at 28 days of 12/12 . The babies were put outside and neglected for a few weeks . I will bring back inside today and treat for pests. Re pot. And give some attention. Missed a few steps with the shit. I will try to drape a net over today to keep them from falling over when they start to get too heavy. I would have liked too have lollipoped trained better and set up the netting a few weeks ago but was out of action. There are 5 la nina 5pink Floyd 9SSH x ac and some critical haze in the second shot. I think I'll give them 14 days of veg to recover, take cuttings and flip to 14 hours dark 10 hours light . I will base what I keep from flower quality only on this run . And see how cuttings perform before completely culling anything. Updates good or bad coming.


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Your father was a very old and great friend of mine from a young age. He was a brilliant carpenter and consumer of cannabis( one of the best) we all at MNS wish you a great long life and big hugs go out to your family my friend. A sad loss but a carefree life for many to learn blessed. Shantibaba