SSH : min veg time & max height ?


I have just won an auction for SSH :D and I'm wondering :

1. how tall can it grow if I only leave 1 week of veg ?

2. as my total available height in the tent to grow is 1m85, how long should I keep SSH in the veg cycle ?

3. how many female SSH plants would you fit in a 1m2 tent with a very short veg cycle ? 4 or less ?

4. is topping/cropping/mainlining SSH a good idea ?

5. as a Haze, is it also a light eater ? even during flowering time ?

6. To select a female phenotype that would be the closest to what Shantibaba & Nevil had in mind, what kind of characteristics should I look for in the overal plant/leaf shapes ? ( any close up pictures ? )

Thanks all for your help



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I have NOT grown out any SSH F1s from MNS completely, but I can say that they are quite variable in vegetative state. I got both tall and short males and females. I think that it is going to be wise to treat every plant in the pack as an individual. I know that this doesn't make it any easier. I am currently growing out 5 plants. 4 have shown sex; 2 females, 1 tall, 1 short, and 2 males, 1 tall and 1 short.


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I would say yes. It's really going to depend on what is dominant in the individual. NL dominant plants will be shorter, skunk taller and haze taller still.

BTW, I am taking cuttings off of pre sexed plants and rooting/sexing at the same time. Just bringing this up to emphasize variability; the "short" plants literally put on no height during rooting, showing sex at the same height they got snipped at. The "tall" plants on the other hand both at least tripled in height before showing sex.
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In the past, I was growing SSH in a 5' x 5' x 6' tall room. I took clones and placed them in a 7" tall humidity dome. I then placed them in DWC and straight into the Bloom Room in 5 Gallon Buckets. After a few grows, I learned they liked GH Flora series nutes. PPM at 800 MAX and a pH of 5.8. The last grows before getting BUSTED in 2014 for TWO PLANTS, I was getting very close to 1# per plant. Of course I 'pulled out all the tricks', SofG, Scrog, Bend and Twist. LOT's of air at night and Co2 during the days at 1200 ppm. I can't think of anything else right now. I'm looking for info on MM such as PPM, pH, Light Height (LED's Now), and anything else you can suggest.
Now, I'm back with my first LEGAL grow (Medical). Trying Medicine Man (My wife's, Favorite). After I get the 'bugs worked out' I'll be cracking the SSH beans. I'll be starting Co2 in the near future.
Keep the roots BRIGHT WHITE,