SSH EC/PH range?

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What kind of e.c and p.h am i looking for sativa phenos and indica phenos? What's the max E.C?
Super silver haze is a sativa dominant strain but with unique traits, one being a shorter flowering time compared to other sativa dominant strains. This I believe is to the cross of indica with shorter flowering times.

Though it will depend on what pheno you get. As far as feeding ec and ph sativa generally like lighter feeding regimes but consideration must be taken into account what stage the plant is at. A young plant with few leaves and small root mass will require less food compared to a fully matured plant. Also if it is in flower demands will be increased as the plant grows reaching a max point or flat line. This is where a keen eye and watching your plants leaves will tell you about there health. So start low and increase accordingly an ec of 0.6 - 0.8 in veg should be a safe marker, should the leaves look a little pale green increase the ec up a point. From my experience an ec of 1.0 in veg for a large plant with good structure is usually enough. I find a ph of 5.5 to 5.7 in veg keeps all leaves green making all nutrients available the plant needs at veg stage. Note these figures are suited for hydro mediums coco rockwool,mapito, clay pebbles.

Soil grows iv never tried so if I comment it's only what iv read and not from my experience. Flower stage your plant will require different needs so ph and ec will need to change again. I find I seldom go over 1.2ec in flower and keep a ph of 5.8, if ur in coco you can go up to 6ph in flower. Again I must stress nothing is exact as far as sticking to the numbers as each plant is an individual so may differ.

It's about building a relationship with your plant and knowing it's needs, which takes experience like most acquired skills.

Just start low and increase ec slowly as they grow.. 1 tip I will give u if in coco is to feeding the plants ph'd water between feeds to counter act salt build up in medium and it also gives the plants a chance to use up any excess food build up in the coco.

Good luck and I hope this helps you some more


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Soil - my sativa SSH doesn't like too much food, I've discovered. It makes her leafy and ruins the buds. In fact, I fed her plain RO water for the last 3 weeks this last grow and she loved it. Easy on the nutes - this is a hazey plant. Just keep her alive and healthy, let nature do the rest. You can't pump-up the yield with this one so don't try. That is for indicas. You will find that you get a great yield anyway, just let the plant do the work, not chemicals.

As for pH, 5.9-6.3.

I'm sure that the indica phenotypes can take more feeding, from experience, but I would go easy anyway and work your way up, grow by grow, until you find the maximum level, if you are that way will know when you've gone too far - this plant will tell you in a number of ways.
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