"Spice" in the Tropics


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What you hear about "Spice" is Nice and the phenomenal pheno I will share is Spectacular and all out Sativa branching with a smell that really makes you feel your in paradise.

Pictures will follow soon, so please be patient had some problems downloading pictures so hopefully new camera will solve this problem.

This female I have is a very fast Massive Cola full Sativa look and all resin glands are Very White and unusual with this one being the 30% sativa you will find.

The clones root extremely fast and are crystal white and thicker than most types of genetics from here with a look all their own like crowded logs organized majestically you have to experience almost look alive if you try and touch them.

Anyway, this Massive Female is by far Massive with a head that is Very thick , and is beautiful just beautiful.

More to come you will like .


RB :p


on with the show. spice is waiting in line so many and not enough room so ill pull one up and grab a seat and some popcorn this should be good as always. your like a jonnyappleseed as a cannabis grower he was a green thumb when it came to new seed grows have fun.


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Looking very forward to it, probably the one mns strain I still think about getting. Love the spice shots/smoke reports.


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Hello everyone, a quick update for you.

Spice really is nice with a good size cola I was afraid would snap but she held her own.:)

I have taken many beautiful pictures, and eventually when I figure out my storage limit with another carrier, will share them.

The bud size is very Big, fat juicy buds of Awesomness and can't wait to sample so prepare for some beautiful Spice pictures they're coming!

The only real issue that I had was she hermmied late in flowering but all sterile no seeds noticed keep you posted.




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Only the best ones for your interest Blowingupjake ,RATJACK, Sasadmin,
Mouth watering and so many pistals!

Thanks for stopping bye much appreciated.



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...a look all their own like crowded logs organized majestically you have to experience almost look alive...
Great description RB! Sounds like you are going to be in for a treat. I too am looking forward to the pictures when you get around to it.

Aloha braddahs


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Spice was an inside job ;)

Hi alecky, that girl was grown 10 feet under inside controlled environment 12/12

Spice is a beautiful plant and is very good smoking in a vape has some clarity, but found her very relaxing good day time but can make you tired if you sit long enough, but is still very good and predictable the pheno I had was a massive Sativa top just like the Sativa picture of Spice with the Indica looking like an Indica and the Sativa growing a columbar Massive bud.

Wish you well spice is a looker for sure.




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Hi Primalhaze, Spice has a very nice smell in cured bud form and has unusual smelling buds and have had a few friends mention the smell like a tire smell so Yes! a tire smell is evident Great Question, she is a Beauty for sure.🌹


RB 🌴🍌

Ten feet under


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I have made a few female seeds recently when a CBD Shark Shock bred one of my LaNinas and should be great but nothing with the Spice pollen sacks as if yes but most definely found 10 very nice seeds of LaNina x CBD Shark Shock should be a nice cross all by accident.