Spice etc


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Your welcome, and I hope you will share your Spice result with us and the leet's cross also!

I'm really interested by the Spice I pull my chair and I subscribed to your thread
Do you know if the spice seeds you have is a fresh batch or is it some old seeds?



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Gd MB!

I was asking for freshness just as a referenced!
Because I like to order some Spice and the nl5/skunk from Shanti to add too my collection...

Not sure for L33t, Maybe you can't send him a PM, maybe is less active on the forum, try to pm him, here is member page. https://www.mrnice.nl/forum/members/162.html

It a long time He didn't post!
If I see the dude, I tell him about MB.

Good luck with your selection again
All The Best


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Thanks dude. I want to say she is a heavy feeder. But I'm still not totally sure. I've been trying some different nutes and thought I was burning them. I think now It was underfeeding. I'm gonna go back to just using guanos like I use to. My buddy is having really nice results with earthjuice nutrients though. Can't wait to see her further along. Peace dude


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looks like she will yield good. did u top her ? whats the smell like. I have 3 that are about 3 weeks into flower. good luck and will be watching.