Source for used lighting equipment?


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Hi all,

I'm looking to start a proper grow room and need lighting equipment. Depending on how much I can get my hands on, it would be somewhere between 50 and 100 square meters. It's a proof of concept so to speak, I don't need things to be 100% perfect from the get go.

Is there any place where used lighting equipment (preferably LED) is sold in bulk? Perhaps anyone here is upgrading to new generation LEDs and looking to sell his old stuff?



I don't think there is a market place for something like that, at least none I am aware off...

I think your best bet would be to look for larger scale operations and see if they are swapping technology or something and are interested in selling off a large number of their used fixtures.

But with LED ...

Most who would be swapping tech in a larger operation would probably swap TO LED not FROM ...

Sounds like a tall order to me Bro...
I'd be checking craigslist, if you're in the USA and in the right area. My state went recreational after being a medical only state and because of that lots of medical grow ops shut down and equipment started flooding Craigslist. I still see large lots of equipment for sale there and often you can purchase by the piece, or by the lot. LED's are a lot less common in bulk like that, but I see it every so often. I've seen some amazing deals on craigslist.


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A good and cheap way to get lighting is to shop for outdoor security lights at home depot or lowes.

I've seen 400 watt hps and mh lights for 30$ or so quite often.
A simple matter to convert the housings for grow use.
A good advanced brand ballast is the same no matter what the housing looks like.

I always run a 240v 50 amp circuit with a new sub panel for any grow I do, options are always a good thing.


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There’s vendors that make their led boards,lights,kits and will build it anyway you want spectrum.
Some are engineers and have their own machines to make pcb aluminum boards with any leds you want.
LM562B and LM301B are used in many and are producing 180-200lumens per watt.
There’s many who do it and save thousands.
They are suppliers for retailers so you buy enough you can sell for profit or use them.