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No damage to speak of. I always plant enough for Mother Nature to take a portion.

The Spice has a lot of males showing up. I'm down to just two left unsexed. Seven more spice males culled this time.

And two more Early Queen males culled. Interesting pink purple male flowers on them. I think that leaves me just a couple of them left to sex too.


It won't be long before the Doors start sexing. I hope they're not all males too.

not not


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Great morning with lots of sunshine. Looks like most of the males have been culled from the Early Queen and Spice. Still 3 Spice and 4 Early Queen left after the sexing. I try to expect 60% males but know sometimes the ratio is pure chance after harvesting and mixing. Even chancier is getting mostly females from regular seed anyway. I always smile when a pack is mostly female knowing it isn't always that way. The graveyard.

So the remaining Spice, Early Queen, and The Doors f2's getting some sunshine.

I sure had my appetite set on more Spice girls this summer. What to do but start another pack. Spice round 2.




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Thanks for stopping by @Shrimp&Grits

There's always something to see. I had this little guy visiting this morning.
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Seems interested in my camo ring. :p
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Now off ya go...I got things to do.
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Man, I had one hell of a hail storm last night. I didn't lose much but things took a beating. grrrr.
when those ones get big and you sneak up on them while in the tomato maze, and they lunge at you; it is most intimidating. they are audacious little predators.


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Weed eating doggs. ;)

Early Queen and early Spice just won't stop flowering. Well ok then.

The Doors females. Nice legs on these girls.

The Doors left to sex. maybe a dozen some are there I just need to look again.

Spice round 2 about ready for magnum pots. The wind has been hammering these guys but haven't lost any of them.

Stay medicated.


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"slabsofdank said: "Weed eating doggs. ;)"

Weed eating doggs!!! :eek: Holy Smokes! Those doggs are near as big as cows! No wonder you have them in a thick metal cage! No thank you, Texas. I think I'll stay right here in New York where all we have to worry about is rats the size of coyote's! But at least they don't eat your weed!

I guess everything really is bigger in Texas! Another Texas weed eater:

Riding Jack Rabbit.jpg

Awesome looking crop ya got there, slabsofdank! Wishing ya the best season ever!

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