Skunkle Lennys Medicine Man search for the freaky pheno

Med Man #’s 4, 5 & 6 all trimmed
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This is #4, the most sticky and crystallized. Scissors had to be scraped clean frequently. High expectations.
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While #5 Was nothing special, #6 was last and proved to be the stinkiest of them all. I usually struggle describing aromas, but this one actually smelt like onions. I could be wrong but by far the skankiest the bunch.
Based on results, clone structure and grow area available, I’m going to use Colloidal Silver on clone #6 and keep clones 2, 4 & 6 in veg for a few more weeks until pods start on #6.
I know it’s early for a smoke report, but #2(59days) hit like Mike Tyson 🥊 very different then what I was smoking, and the beginning of taste that was exciting.
I’ll wrap this up with a smoke report beginning of April, giving them a few weeks to cure. ☮
I will wait until you try nr5 after a little cure she may age well
Thanks for the compliment, medicine man was a fun grow.
I’ve been using colloidal silver on the chosen female to flip and after 17 days of spraying, 2 to 3 times a day, the pistols have started forming in the pods.
This weekend I’m doing the 1st Med Man smoke report, albeit a little early, with the help of my sister, and will report back our findings.
📣 Medicine Man Smoke Report 30 days'ish post harvest 📣
Sure, it's on the early side for a smoke report, but I can't wait any longer 😊
My partner in smoke is my sister Sue, a real chimney head 😇
But even better, is that we sought the assistance of our 82 yr old Mom with describing smells/terpenes we couldn't put into words. BTW, Mom loves her CBG tincture and CBD gummies I make. Great times.
Breaking the 6 girls into 3 groups based on flower length & plant look, which did go hand in hand:
58/59 days- Indica in structure with larger leaves, round mid sized buds, shortest plants.
Smell: A hint of elderberry and absinthe, along with musk oil, layered with a stench of hickory velvet and coriander oil. If you're still reading and not laughing by now, I'm sorry, but I can't help being a wise guy 😁 I'm truly amazed by the way some can describe what they taste and smell. So lets snap back to reality, ope here comes gravity...
Look: Rounder, mid sized buds with beautiful orange hairs and hues.
Smell: Sour, Piney & Earthy. A bit tangy too, but all on the mild side.
Taste: Mild, smooth, earthy, creamy kinda taste.
Effect: What started as a mild head high, came on like a real creeper weed. You know the kind, where next thing you know you're like, "damn, I'm stoned" 🤪

62/63 days- Truly 'hybridish' mix look of Indica & Sativa in structure, leaves and bud size.
Look: Very crystally ands sparkly, yeh sparkly.
Smell: Tangy hints of Pine, citrus and lemon.
Taste: Smooth and tangy citrus & earthy.
Effect: Interactive high, mellow and clear, making my sister question if this one(4th harvested) has more CBD. She knows CBD, but not Medicine Man's heritage, so I found her comment intriguing.

65/66 days- Pretty much all sativa in characteristics, and actually could have gone longer based on Trichomes.
Look: Biggest buds, conical in structure., covered in orange hairs.
Smell: Tangy, stanky, slightly pungent, with an aroma we found unique to the others, maybe in the Lemon & Pine families. Sage?
Taste: Extra smooth & Piney.
Effect: Hits hard & quick. "This is the strongest" says sister Sue.

Overall, again only 30'ish days since harvest, this is definitely a significant creeper weed, even the hardest hitter, due to it's uniform smoothness.
From this grow, albeit only 6 females, we favor the 9-10'ish week flower that was more Sativa'esq in style.
I can see MM working great for edibles, cream/salves & tinctures, as there's an obvious calmness/indica effect, but without the couchlock.
I have 3 MM clones currently flowering for 2 weeks, targeted for pollination by the colloidal silver girl, and that orgy will take place in a private closet in another week or so.
I have another 7 MM clones @3 weeks flowering, so plenty of medicine, man, on the horizon.

MyDx Tester consistently tested the samples @18-21%, and while I planned on investing in lab testing, I've since learned THC testing for common folk isn't available yet. Still would like to submit for a CBD/Terpene analysis, so we'll see.
I can see a good 60-90 day cure doing wonders, as I'm drifting off as trying to finish this thread...🤩
Thumbs up (y) Medicine, Man
LMK if any ?'s

Check out my Angel Heart Diary. Those girls are a terpene 👃 party and they're only half-way home.
Used C.S. on Med Man #8 2x/day and in 17 days under 12/12, pods started forming. Continued spraying 4 more days.
8 days later pods were dropping pollen so I collected some in a 35mm film vile and painted Med Man clones 8, 7 & 1 lower branches. That was 4/20, of course, and now 2 weeks later and a nice seed collection is developing to continue the line and a little variety. (Great Pyrenees hair)
It’s now been xs 45 days since harvest, and while not a nasal paradise, the effects are definitely developing. Will be a great use for the CBD:THC topical cream I make for pain, inflammation, etc...I did not get a super narcotic plant THC wise, which is fine with me. I was looking for and found a nighttime Indica and a helpful addition to the creams and edibles made, and I found it.

Just about at the 90 day point from harvest, so as reported, curing has done wonders for Med Man. Tastes and smells have emerged, the strongest being an "onion" like smell that's my favorite.
The batch of CBD:THC topical cream I've made is getting the best feedback yet. Sold a box of 30 to a masseuse friend.
Just finishing my last round of Med Man clones and was finally able to employ the patience that Mu shows us.
3E0D86C6-E2F7-4609-9B92-8CD86678B936.jpeg 19C91D6D-6935-4AA7-84AC-7F8AB85E045D.jpeg
I ran these last 2 big girls 11 weeks tomorrow when they face the sheers.
I let them go almost 50% amber, branches breaking by the weight and let them get all dried out.
5E94204D-2342-43DF-9FB0-FDF504174687.jpeg AFA61FE4-0FF0-4875-9D85-55533A579CCE.jpeg 1E6D7E8C-F9B1-4D1C-8AEA-47E11BAA977B.jpeg
The smells already to a nice squeeze is so tropical/fruity. Soooo much more aromatic than the ones I obviously cut too soon.

My seed project is complete.
I painted 3 plants in an attempt to control the seed amount & still ended up well xs 1000.
I also used some to paint some Angel Heart clones to make my own cross. Why not?
4C0744D8-5CB7-44CF-885F-91B0CDAD7C75.jpeg 70A8F9E1-4809-4595-B0A0-4D139186C804.jpeg


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Go to Magical Butter Machine website. Not only is their MBM excellent but their recipes are endless. Infuse coconut oil and add in menthol, eucalyptus, vitamin D, bees wax, etc… Da shit works great. I no longer use Meloxicam for knee arthritis.
These plants are miraculous 🪴
Nice grow! Any spice flavours in your phenos? Really dope seedline the medicine man imo. Did you grow out any of your seeds?
☮️ No spice flavors, but she’s cured into an EXCELLENT smoke. More on the sweet, fruity side and my go to nighttime Indica. I’m going to pop some of the seeds beginning of the new year to replenish some stock and for edibles and cream. Great for medicinal.
I found that Med Man needed a longer cure to really reach its potential than the others I have grown from MNS(Shit, Spice, Angel Heart).
🤯 it’s only a year ago that I entered the MNS world and started with Medicine Man. How time flys, yet moves slow…
My rookie year at MNS and I was lucky enough to enter your world, running MedMan, 💩 , 😇 ❤️ , Spice, U2, Early 🦨 and The Cure, has brought me into a whole New World. WOW
Thanks so much friends and family of MNS 🙏
Despite spending most of its time under the blue dominating light The Vegitator, they still didn’t show a lot of side branching, yet.
Whas that LED from the brand Platinum LED? It looks like my blurple I'm using. I cant wait until my Medicine Man takes off like yours.
One really cool thing I’ve discovered about my medicine man is you can get different expressions from the same plant depending on the amount of light hours used. 13 on and 11 off causes my plant to grow in the typical rhino horn shape. While 12/12 or 11/13 gives her tighter more rounded buds.
You must be triggering more of a sativa phenotype with the shorter light cycle.
You must be triggering more of a sativa phenotype with the shorter light cycle.

@hempy has shown some incredible work with his keeper lines especially NHz and i was impressed by the knowledge and experience. These expressions are somee to study on its own. This plant keeps on giving... @Skuncle Lenny Vegetator sounds like the Vegan version of the Terminator...
How have you liked your kits so far?
☮️ I found TLC to be a little finicky and tough to measure. I believe there are apps that could measure more precisely, although I didn’t use them.
I’ve been happy with MYDX, but I haven’t done a comparison with a lab. I found the numbers to be within an acceptable range, based upon how it feels. I have tests as low as 12% to as high as 25%, with the average range 17-22’ish.
No terp profiles unless I go professional labs at $100 test.