Skunk Haze... hoorayz!


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Hi MNS family,

I am happy to say that I got 4/4 on the Skunk Haze I planted last week.
I am very, very excited to see what a quick sample of this line will provide.
If anyone has recent experience in this under hyped line please feel free to chime in!

Hopefully there will be a nice Haze dominant female I can keep around for a while... Cross your fingers for us!!

Pics coming soon.
Please give us some cured bud shots and a propper smoke report. It is so disheartening how often people dontnpost cured bud shots or even give smoke reports.

Good luck in your skunk haze journey


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Aloha braddah!
Very underrated as I mentioned in another thread. A little over 10 wks. Great flavor, excellent smells. Easy to grow. Good mold resistance. I can see why it is an important building block. Most everyone preferred it over the widow. Activities like bicycling, walking on the beach, getting in the forest; very pleasant stuff. It really needs more attention as only one grow so far, but I am kinda gettin into the G13's at the moment. I'd also like to get back to that NL5/Haze sometime. And then there is that Afghan Haze...
One with the sky, with the earth, one with everything in life...


Stoked you’re running these. I started 6 skunk haze seeds on October 20 and ended up with 4 (my error). Hope you find that Haze keeper. I’ll be tuning in for sure.


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They like it, they Really like it!

Thank you all so much for stopping in with your kind words! Its exciting to know other people are as interested in this classic line as I am.

Tonight I'll be snapping pics of the G13 testers so while I'm at it I'll get some shots of the SkHz seedlings as well and fire up this thread for real.

Stay Hazed party people!

EDIit:11/21/18: I have not forgotten my promise! I just haven't had a spare second to go pick the Sk/Hz out from all her cousins. All my seedlings are in solo cups and due to my drip system pulling them to read labels is a bit problematic. I've got maintenance tasks to do in there tonight so I'll do my best to get a shot of the 4
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Thank you Jake - sweet grow brother

hi all,
Awesome pics Jake always appreciate checking out the good works of MNS community.... for any of those interested MNS have recently added their own skunk haze here

lot of other cool pics and information at MNS instagram..

good info here about some natural plant pest remedies....

i could not find the remedy there for destroying pest of dictators and oppressors- which is simply to rebel- our collective supreme power in numbers, knowledge, and action-rebel !

all the best for the grow Jake you're smashing it !

keep it green brothers and sisters.


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Pretty keen to see the outcome of this one. Im sure your gonna kill it jake

Take it easy
I appreciate your confidence brother!

Here is the first SkunkHaze female from the group of 4. She will get transplanted and flipped on friday!

Super stoked. I took clones as I cleaned up the lowers tonight.
Until next time, Stay Hazed!!


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Sorry for the total lack of journaling here- life has been absurdly crazy.

So here’s what’s up- I found 4 females- all 4 were unique, variety of haze traits and potency/effect.
We ended up keeping 2 phenos as one is a devastating sativa effect and the other is a better yield with a strong hybrid effect.

This line is chock-full of sativa expressions and very pleasing incense, citrus, and dank aromas. Flavors tend to lean citrus and herb.

Average of 13wk actual bloom to finish the 4 I’ve seen.

Super impressed with this line.

Dry flower shot of pheno #1

Here are some late bloom shots of the two we kept

This variety will burn and be unhappy in flower over 1400ppm when using GH Flora 3part nut up to that point she allusion grows and stacks like a champ. Surprisingly dense and heavy flowers.
The only downisde is the common weak branches that require lots of staking or heavy training.
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Sensational Jake! Nice show, always great to see pics of some of the popular strains of the past. Your positive experiences with this plant are making me wonder when I will start this strain up again lol. Keepin the strain eh?



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Thanks for the love guys!

Yeah Musashi, this oldie is worthy of modern grow room space!
We will keep a cut of the Skunk Haze around for sure- after 3 harvests I still look forward to smoking each pheno and my friends are always asking for more of the Sk/Hz.

It is a more functional high than some of the more exotic sativa hybrids available today and compared to other Sat dom varieties I’ve been running it is reasonably easy to grow. I only had to lower the ppm in my main reservoir a bit and boom- she fits right in with the other plants in the room. She’s a wonderful plant for canopy training responding predictably when topped and making multiple nice colas.

I dare say this might be my favorite Mr Nice offering thus far.
Gonna contemplate that a bit. lol:D


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Very nice plants at flowering.

There is lack of smileys, i need mouth watering one right now :)
Have theese o the way... I see maybe next spring is the place for them in my grow ;)

Do you have atleast one photo of them growing? Id like to see what structure should I be prepared for.