should I start bushy asap?


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Most bloom booster are just P and K IME. No change in cannabinoid profile that I've experienced using several products on the same clone. I don't generally use them now, but still bump up P and K using standard nutes.
By that I mean just not something like 0-66-48... something more balanced. Currenty using the Dyna-gro lineup.
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What is the ingredient that changes the metabolism of the plant?
He must be confused. He must be thinking PGR like paclobutrazol and chlormequat chloride. They don't really change anything on a genetic level but they do affect resin production (lowering it).

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Does Sensi effect CBD outcomes,even on cbd strains?
If you mean the 2 part nutrient then if all things being equal ie healthy plants grown to maturity then no. Not a difference you could tell without lab testing even then it would be very minor.


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I'm not sure what to do.Its the 1st time I ever induced 12\12 after 2 weeks from seed.
I'm using 1.2 gallon containers and my c skunk is 5 weeks into 12\12 some are short others stretchy.
Space is an issue.Medihaze got too strong on odor so it went into tent to get scrubbed so my room is wall to wall.

Is it too late to transplant into taller containers?
Even though both medihaze and skunk went to 12\12 on same day,medihaze is way ahead of skunk.
Skunk is still stretching while medihaze is stacking and swelling and trichs have been forming for 2 weeks.
I can only guess that although 12\12 was induced at week 2 plant still needs time to mature naturally.
Medihaze stretched immediately while skunk is still stretching?
Skunk is filling in past preflowers with top leaves changing.
Can't show pics site won't allow now.
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