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PD10 turned out to be a fast plant; I chopped it at 12.5 weeks. Here's a pic right before the chop...

PD10 F88.jpg

PD10 cola F88.jpg

I also harvested some of the seeded branches. After line drying for a while, I have harvested some F2 seeds as well as some F2 backcross seeds. A little bit of the frozen '78 CG pollen took , and I got several seeds of the bx from each plant.

PD6 bx 78CG seeds.jpg

Meanwhile, back in the tent, we have some primal sativa bud structures going on...

PD6 cola1 F86.jpg

The new photo upload feature works great. Big time-saver.
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A word on the aromas and what I'm seeing in this cross. The smells are amazing, louder than I expected, and more dank and complex than I can adequately put into words. Definitely lime/citrus is the first thing that comes to mind. Slightly sweet floral background. Then the complex mixtures of aromatics...earthy, coffee, spicy, incense. Last night I opened a ziplock bag into which I had tossed a few de-seeded buds from PD6. I immediately got a whiff of dankness, and that's exactly what the GF said a moment later when she walked by. Common aroma themes, but diversity in how different phenos express them. The punto rojo mom did not express the diversity or complexity of these aromas...they must come from the Colombian gold side of the cross.

I've also had the opportunity to do some very early sampling of the puntodorado herb. I'm sampling the lower buds I harvested for seeds. So far have sampled PD1, PD6 and PD10. Obviously very early for a proper smoke report, and I won't touch on the tastes until after curing, but I think the effects are representative of what I can expect. As I hoped, the puntodorado is giving me an excellent old-school sativa high. The high is all in the head with no body, and a super easy come down. Euphoric. After the first two puffs of PD10, I had such a euphoric rush that I got goose bumps on the back of my neck. Goose bumps of joy and happiness. As the high comes on it set's one's mind to thinking from a new, psychedelic perspective. Visual and music enhancement. Really extraordinary herb. And it will only get better.


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Coolomatic brah! I too am jazzed at the ease of photo upload! No excuse not to upload those sexy pics now.
More importantly, I love the cactus look of that sat!




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Thanks for stopping by Musashi, Fish and PMB. I know you guys share the sativa love!

Just a quick shot of the remaining girls. I've harvested four seeded branches off each plant (4 each x PD5, x PD4, x 78CG, x PRM), and the canopy has thinned out a bit. Lots of beautiful ripening sativa buds. The preliminary smoke tests give them all high marks, with PD1 and PD6 at the top of the heap. PD1 is all white pistils and looks to be a 20-week plant. PD2 still hasn't been smoked, and she has the most interesting terp profile to me. I smoked a brisket and shared it with my kids for Father's Day yesterday, and also shared some recently dried PD10 with them and they were amazed at the potency and the quality of the effect. They say it's definitely more potent than my other Colombians, and this was from an uncured 12.5 week plant. Nobody took more than two or three tokes, and we all enjoyed our time together. I'm so blessed. Really excellent herb all around, and the best is yet to come.

PD colas F93.jpg


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Aloha Marcus!

Nice to see this grow coming along. A great job! Sativas have always been my favorite kind of high, it is what I grew up with. Love the thin leaf! And we are fortunate to have you sharing this experience with us for sure. Assume humidity better controlled? How might your yield compare to your last grow? And one last question, you mentioned smoking some brisket; how does it compare to the PD? :ROFLMAO:
If she's amazing, she won't be easy. If she's easy she won't be amazing... One love brah!



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~14 weeks

Thanks Musashi...I also grew up on these long-flowering sativas from Mexico and Colombia. I love to grow this stuff because it simply can't be found anywhere else. Just wish I could do it outdoors as God intended. Humidity is firmly under control at 45% RH. Makes quick work of drying seeds and buds. Looks like yield will be on par with my last sativa grow, probably around 3 oz per plant.

The plants are moving along nicely. The light cycle is now 10/14 and I've decided that will stay for the duration. I started flushing all of the remaining girls last week. So we're closing in on the home stretch, with about 4-6 weeks left.

PD1 looks to be a 20-week plant. Gorgeous ropey bud structure, and the colas are covered with white pistils and dreadlocks of stacked calyxes. It will probably also be the best yielder. I've found a couple nanners on this plant in the last week or two.

PD1 F99.jpg

PD1 cola1F99.jpg

PD1 cola2 F99.jpg

PD2 has really unique aromas...I'm getting hints of coffee and sandalwood after the initial lime-fuel aromas subside. It needs a few more weeks.

PD2 F99.jpg

PD2 cola F99.jpg

PD6 should be ready for harvest soon at around 15-16 weeks. She's been flushed with dehumidifier water for three weeks now, and most of the fans have yellowed. She also has really unique aromas and a classic sativa stacked calyx bud structure.

PD6 F99.jpg

PD6 cola1 F99.jpg

PD6 cola2 F99.jpg

PD9 has lost her red pistils. She still looks most like mom in bud structure.

PD9 F99.jpg

PD9 cola F99.jpg


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Like Musashi, I'm easily distracted by shiny things, especially those skinny leaves enjoying Sol's goodness. Really beautiful plant(s), Fish. I assume it's a puntodorado F1? Too early for preflowers I guess. I need to build a conservatory on the south side of my house so I can grow plants that look like that.


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Greetings, MNS compadres! Always good to hear from my friends Fish and Musashi. I'm going to pull the plants out tonight and take some pictures of the puntodorado girls at 16 weeks which I'll post shortly. But first I wanted to share some pollination / seed-making techniques and then some thoughts on the puntodorado smoke tests I've had the good fortune to perform.

About seed making. It's nearly impossible for non-professionals to control stray pollen when you pollinate selected branches indoors, even if you use a tiny watercolor brush to apply the pollen. When I make F2s I generally don't have a problem with this since I'm stuck in the past growing '70s weed, and I don't mind a few seeds in my sativa colas. But in the case of the '78CG pollen I received, I had precious little of it and I wanted to make sure that the seeds I made with that pollen did not get mixed in with seeds from other fathers. So here's what I did. I had a tiny bit of '78CG pollen left after I made the F1 seeds. I kept it in the freezer and wanted to make a few seeds from each F1 plant I grew. Early in flower, a couple weeks after pistils started showing up in abundance, I used the '78CG pollen to pollinate the lower buds of one branch on each plant. I waited about 2-3 weeks before doing any more pollination, then I pollinated three branches on each plant with three types of Colombian pollen. About 5 weeks after I used the '78CG pollen I harvested only the branches that had the '78CG backcross seeds. This was about 11-12 weeks into flower. I let the branches line dry and carefully went through the buds to harvest seeds. The seeds I wanted had been ripening for ~4-5 weeks and were nice and mature and dark brown. There were a few whitish, immature seeds also. These were the imposters, and due to the difference in how ripe they were, they were easy to separate and remove. I have 100% confidence that the '78CG bx seeds are the real McCoy. A couple weeks later I harvested the remaining seeded branches. Harvesting a total of 20 branches from my crop really improved light penetration and air flow in the tent. The overcrowded tent became much more manageable, especially after the 12.5-week pheno was harvested. Because the upper buds of each seeded branch were (relatively) seed free, I was able to do some early smoke tests of the crop starting around 12 weeks.

Some musings about the smoke tests and my general impressions of the potency and quality of effect, subject to the caveat that these are very early samples of dried but mostly uncured bud. The aromas and flavor will greatly improve with a long cure, but I think I can make a fair assessment of the quality of the smoke and of which plants are likely to be keepers.

Holy shit this is surprisingly potent landrace weed. The potency is significantly better than the other Colombians I've grown. It tells me that we've really lost something special from the landrace sativas of 40-50 years ago, because the '78 Colombian Gold really brought the goods to this sativa hybrid. I was expecting the usual Colombian bright, euphoric, energetic high, short-lived, with no crash. It is not short goes on for hours. Also, overindulgence results in nap-time late in the afternoon. And I'm still high when I wake up. The effect is still energetic, euphoric, and electric. But it's potent. Best enjoyed in moderation. Fucking awesome weed. The GF loves it (especially PD#2), and I've had the pleasure of turning younger folks on to it and watching their expression when they try their first old-school Colombian sativa. Focused, long conversations, laughter, floaty euphoria. Truly outstanding old-school herb. PD10, the 12.5-week plant, is every bit as potent but a bit more dreamy. PD1 is downright fucking electric, intense, and long-legged. Trippy. PD2 and PD6 are right up there, and I haven't tried PD9 yet. As the cure starts to set in the aromas and flavors are beginning to show up, and they are outstanding. PD1 in particular gives off a citric scent that is closer to fresh grapefruit than lime upon grinding of the bud. Then woody, peppery incense smells take over. Peppery earthy taste is evident on exhale, and it's wonderful. I can tell that this is going to have that classic peppery, earthy Colombian aroma after a good cure. PD1 is the 20+ week plant with massive colas of stacked calyxes; the best yielder of the bunch. It sure looks to be a keeper.

Finally, the story of a serendipitous seed. After harvesting the '78CG bx seeds from PD2, I rolled a joint with some of the de-seeded bud. When I went to smoke it a seed popped into my mouth on the second toke. I spit it out and looked at was a nice dark brown seed that I had missed when I harvested the seeds. Looking over at the Ángeldorado seed plants, I saw an empty planter from one of the AD seeds that had damped off. Just for shits and giggles, and because I'm curious about a backcross from one of my best phenos, I popped the seed in the empty pot. It's now up and hanging with its step siblings. Male or female, I don't care. Really interested to grow this one in particular out.
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~16 weeks

Some pics from last night. The plants are mostly bud now, as almost all of the fan leaves have yellowed and dried up. I've been flushing with dehumidifier water for a few weeks now, trying to bring out any gold colors I can find.

PD1 F112.jpg

Two beautiful arm-sized colas with stacking calyxes and cream-colored pistils. She's long-legged but a good yielder and primo smoke. She needs at least a couple more weeks.
PD1 colas F112.jpg

PD1 cola F112.jpg

PD2 - This one has a great, euphoric, floaty high. Pine-lime-incense aromas. It needs another couple weeks to finish. I could probably harvest the lower buds but I'll take the whole plant soon.

PD2 F112.jpg

PD2 cola F112.jpg

PD6 -Chopped last night at 16 weeks. The buds stopped swelling a while ago except for a few stray calyx strings near the lights. Aromas are pine and lime with coffee / chocolate in the background. When I cleaned my sticky fingers with a bit of vegetable oil and rinsed off my hands they smelled like ginger.

PD6 F112.jpg

PD6 cola F112.jpg

PD6 cola1 F112.jpg

PD9 - Still throwing lots of white pistils and stacking calyxes; she'll go 20+ weeks if I let her. Most like her PR mom with very fluffy buds and red pistils in the apical colas, she's a bit louder with pine-lime aromas.

PD9 F112.jpg

PD9 cola F112.jpg

The Flea

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Followed this thread from a distance for the last two years (or so).

Inspiring work Marcus. I can only imagine the level of patience required - and the reward at the end of it all.

Keep it green.
The more I look the more awesome grow journals I find 😁
This has been a great read with some amazing plants in it, great work Marcus I hope you will keep it going with your new seeds from this run.



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~17 weeks

Flea, good to see you here again and thanks for your kind words! Bonghead, thanks; I germinated the serendipitous seed from the PD2 backcross and it's now a seedling working on its fourth node. I'll definitely post some pics of whatever it turns into. Gotta love the magic of cannabis much potential in a seed.

I harvested PD2 at around 121 days, a tad over 17 weeks. There are now only two puntodorado girls in the tent, PD1 and PD9.

Here's PD2 at the chop...(my apologies for the out-of-focus photo)

PD2 F121.jpg

The apical cola of PD2...

PD2 cola1 F121.jpg

And some buds from mid-plant...

PD2 cola F121.jpg
Man I love to see the whispy fox tails on these sativa girls, looking great Marcus I hope all this time and hard work is getting you what you want from these beans.



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Aloha Brah!

17 weeks! The inflection point where mystery becomes magic!

“If she's worth it, you wont give up..."



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~20 weeks and done

Greeting MNS sativa fans! I took cuts and rooted these plants just as the pandemic was taking off, and here we are, at the end of a 20-week flower cycle, and the pandemic is still fucking us up. These long-flowering girls can aid, or hinder, one's sense of temporal perspective. It has been a pleasure to watch these beautiful, primal plants do their thing. Now the grow is complete and soon all of the herb will be in jars curing. I've been smoking this stuff and sharing with friends and the consensus is that I've succeeded in bringing back that '70s weed. More detailed smoke reports later, but let's recap flowering times for these girls:

PD10 - 12.5 weeks
PD6 - 16 weeks
PD2 - 17 weeks
PD9 - 20 weeks
PD1 - 20 weeks

At "only" 12.5 weeks, PD10 was remarkably fast for a Colombian sativa, and the smoke is more potent than any other landrace I've grown, with a motivating effect. It was the (now ex :) ) GF's favorite...she'd take a puff and run around her house doing chores for a couple hours. Remarkable quality for such a fast sativa. I unfortunately lost the PD10 clone but have a lot of seeds, and I'm going to share them and collaborate with a new friend on a "Cape Cod landrace" project, where we'll see if we can acclimatize them to our (his) climate and do a couple years of selection in an effort to breed an early, 100% sativa that can finish here at 42N. The F2s I made from PD10 will be a good place to start.

OK, more on effect, aromas and flavors after a bit of a cure, but let's talk about PD1 and PD9, which were harvested last week.

PD1 is a keeper. It has that primal, stacked calyx bud structure, and the aromas at harvest were mostly pine followed by a distinct ginger smell. Probably the best yielder of the bunch too. Based on sampling of early (12 week) flowers and a 20-week bud I snipped and smoked yesterday, the effect is outstanding. The kind of soaring, alert high that makes you wonder if you're actually high. But then you see or think something in a different way and you know, oh yeah, I'm high. Here she is at the chop...

PD1 F138.jpg

PD1 colas7 F138.jpg

PD1 colas4 F138.jpg

PD1 colas6 F138.jpg

PD9 most resembled the mother punto rojo, and showed red pistils in flower. I haven't fully explored her flavors and effects, but I think she'll finish as an also-ran. Good smoke and flavor, but no tthe best. That assessment could change after a proper cure.

PD9 F138.jpg

PD9 colas F138.jpg