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All this talk of cacti got me thinking, and these arrived a week later
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San Pedro and the smaller one is a Peruvian torch. Ordered some peyote seeds yesterday, I'll grow them with my indoor grows. I picked these ones

1 L.Williamsii var. texana from Texas
L.Williamsii var. caespitosa
from LaPerdida
3L.Williamsii var. Menchaca
from Coahuila
Congrats, looks great.
Would you be kind enough to post a link of where you purchased the seeds?

Thanks a million. 🤠


What an awesome thread.

I was given 80 cacti in 2020
Unfortunately, all but a couple of those cacti were stolen (it was lake county CA - meth mecca)

After my grow partner ripped me off, a chief in NAC showed up with Chief Geronimo's descendant, a few sheets of organic LSD, paperwork for my own ONAC(of greater Los Angeles), and a mason jar of peyote that had been fermenting for 3 years. The chief let me live in his tepee for a few weeks to work with those medicines. Quite the experience

Well, after losing all those cacti, Im hoping to restart my collection here in New York. I've not yet looked into the NAC/ONAC scene here in Western NY, but I am very interested.
Right now, all I have is the base of a Bridgisii that I've made into several brews.


Great specimen, my friend. I have not ingested any San Pedro. I would like to understand the different sensations felt from the alkaloids in peyote and San Pedro. I know they both contain mescaline, yet I would think the experience to be different due to the different (other than mescaline) alkaloids contained in each. Somewhat how Sativas and Indicas both contain THC, yet the varying combinations or differences of their other than THC compounds drastically change the effect we feel.
Will stay in touch 👍
According to Plants Of The Gods, San Pedro has everything Peyote does, plus more

Both are very subtle and gentle. I find you can modulate your experience (the intensity) at will. It never gets to be more than you can handle (as long as you are imbibing tea and not smoking mescaline crystals as a friend tried years ago). For example, I was doing security for a campout festival and got sun stroke the afternoon before my all-night shift. So, somebody gave me a jar of san pedro powder and i used a spoon to load my mouth pouch with a heap of powder and reupped throughout the night. It gave me the energy, clarity, and awareness I needed to keep 400 ketamine'd friends safe.

I've done 3yr feremented peyote and years worth of monthly san pedro tea at ceremony and can say they are very similar in experience. The peyote I dont really notice unless I keep my eyes closed and have intention to experience or see anything.

Depending on the group Im doing ceremony with, I really like to take mushrooms shortly before I begin san pedro ceremony. Of course, One needs to be aware of the group one chooses to do this with as it will open you up to all the energies of those within your circle.


Salvia Divinorum
McKenna cut.. Flowering
Absolutely amazing.

I always hear horror stories, but thats from people who do store-bought extract.

Years ago, I was given a jar of dried leaves to smoke. I absolutely loved it.
I found it best for doing chanting/kirtan, as the chanting focused both the energy and the point of my perception - so instead of being blasted into another star system, my focus would shift from behind my eyes to my mouth and fully experience the vibrations my throat and lungs made - I feel blessed to have those experiences.

I've not yet grown the plant myself, but hope to in the future so I can serve it to my community here


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If given permission, I'd be happy to share my tek for making Wachuma
Thanks for sharing your thoughts on all that, I find it very interesting. I've never had access to San Pedro or Peyote till recently, so no idea how it compares to the LSD and Mushrooms I have consumed. And the preparation is also a mystery to me. I won't be consuming for a couple of years probably, it'll give me time to figure it out. If you want to share how it's done, I'd love to hear about it. I can't see why not


Thanks for sharing your thoughts on all that, I find it very interesting. I've never had access to San Pedro or Peyote till recently, so no idea how it compares to the LSD and Mushrooms I have consumed. And the preparation is also a mystery to me. I won't be consuming for a couple of years probably, it'll give me time to figure it out. If you want to share how it's done, I'd love to hear about it. I can't see why not
Mescaline is almost incomparable to LSD or Mushies.
Both Mushies and LSD can be overwhelming in their energy and experience.

From watching Beavis And Butthead Do America, I was expecting mescaline to be overwhelming and intense.
Turns out, Mescaline is very gentle, subtle, and tranquil. It only brings you as deep as you wish to go, and Ive witnessed several people kill/prevent any trip entirely because they felt they werent ready.


Here is my Tek for Wachuma,

I cut off all the spines. Rinse the cactus well, you can even use tequila or vodka to disinfect it.
Next, I use a knife to core the cactus. I cut down each side to remove the inner core - the core can later be boiled to make a cleansing bath/shampoo to prep for ceremony if you wish to have that kind of intention.
Next, I peel off the waxy outer layer while leaving behind all the vibrant green flesh (the green contains the highest mescaline content).
The simplest method is to just put all the parts - minus the core - in a blender or food processor with a cup or two of water. Otherwise, its a bit of a process to cut off the green layer then cut those parts into small chips and boil both the green parts and the slimy white parts (just not the inner core)
Then, I put all this in a big ass stainless steel pot and fill about halfway with water.
I bring this to a minimal boil - hover closely as it will foam up. After it foams, it will calm down. At this point, I squeeze a bag of lemons or limes into the solution. The lemon juice brings down the pH of the water, making it a stronger solvent, but also prevents gastric upset that Wachuma is known for. I Also add a few tablespoons of fresh-ground black pepper as it potentiates the molecules.
I simmer this just enough so you see the solution move a lil bit, but nowhere near enough for a boil. I do this for about 3 hrs. Then I let it cool and place in the freezer. The process of freezing helps splinter the vegetable material so the solvent (lemon water) can better infiltrate the vegetable and better extract the mescaline. Then once its frozen, I reapply the pot to the stove and simmer again for about 6-10 hours.
Strain, serve, and freeze the rest

Now the real trick is to never boil the cactus. I've seen several people make weak wachuma by boiling their tea. I find much better results by simmering - I like to see the solution move from the heat but not boil any bubbles.

As for serving, according to the Native American Church, the 1st cup cleanses you of all energies you bring to the ceremony
The second cup is you symbolic death
Then you use hapay (tobacco snuff). You will probably purge at this point if need be.
Then the 3rd cup is your rebirth.

Bless your life


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Use the simple method. ;)

Honestly, I did a slow cook down over a week concentrating the goods, adding more cactus as the level would allow and it was the most focused journey I've ever had via cactus. I Performed a ceremony by the fire and at the end of the night as the fire was just coals, I had a vivid vision, which was shared by another participant, but not someone who was sitting right with us.

I hesitantly asked a Cherokee medicine man (not of the NAC) what the vision meant. He broke down the elements but basically said, "the vision you experienced was to tell you that you had performed the ceremony correctly". He went on to tell me that if it played out slightly differently with the same elements the message would mean something different. While he's not with the NAC, I know that some of his uncles left the Keetoowah religion for the NAC, some stayed and some came back.

Finally, I'll say that I mostly agree with Wuachuma about the effects of the cactus, except to say that if you don't treat it with respect it CAN become overwhelming and a living nightmare. Don't use this stuff in any dick-measuring contests on who has the strongest constitution, I assure you that Mescalito has a stronger constitution than any man alive.