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Does anybody here know how Devil is related to the other MNS afghans and nordles and NL1's and ortegas and med man's and shit and such? Is it another inbred line from nevil?


ohh yeah be my guest bro.. thanks for the compliment..
i really liked the devil it was one of the easier to grow strains that i ran.. and boy did it stink.. there was no hiding the smell.. i tried to bag it in 4 ziplock baggies for traveling.. it just didnt work out... soaked right through all of the bags and was permeating all around me.. i smelled like a dead skunk.. i had some in a jar another day.. i cracked the jar for a split second inside of a car to see if anyone in the car would notice it... instant "wtf is that smell"... "smells like a skunk".. one of the girls in the car was pregnant and it almost made her puke... :D
Red Devil

And so it came that the outcast, condemned, crazed and maniacs grew Hemp - Like that of the "Red Devil "... the gospel according to the Greenhouse Seed Company

Grow it, smoke it, and you will know - where heaven is...

The 5 senses of Red Devil
Smell: A full flavored pure Indica. It permeates the essence of rich sweetly smelling flowers - rich in aromas.

Taste: A full aromatic, slightly sweet mouth watering sensation... Good enough to eat.

Touch: Incredibly tight flower formation, that defines density. Of course it is sweetly - sticky and has a horny - shape appearance.

Visual: Strong dark green leaf that holds its main flower with strong stemmed security. In the dry form its flower has a tendency to have a red aura.

Stone Effect: Typical to the Indica range. It tends to sweetly stone you to inner space on a conscious journey. It is made for wayfarer and cybernauts.

Family Heritage: Afghani X Afghani Skunk

Vegetative Time: This plant needs to be grown longer than most other - of the Greenhouse family! So I suggest a 3 week minimum light cycle of 18 hours. Then you will expect a substantial flower.

Flowering Time: The Greenhouse Red Devil will finish flowering after 9-10 weeks. Outdoors you can expect a late, but excellent crop from this handsome species.

Achievements: Highly Recommended for Outdoor. Will be finished by beginning of November or late October in the north. In the south hemisphere finished by July. A very large yield is expected. The Red will be understood at harvest.


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Great. Another strain from MNS that I need to try. I'm just gonna start in alphabetical order and work my way down. Seems the only logical way to efficiently skin this cat. It would be uncivilized to not grow any of these strains.


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I had a devil pack from 1999 or so, that sadly only germed one plant (male) after sitting in a drawer way too long--but memory was I was all over the "magical journey for cybernaughts" verbage and big yielders were of interest at the time.


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I had a couple of girls outdoors this past year, got them out late so they weren’t very big. Both of them had deep red pistils, almost purple. I never had a chance to sample due to someone harvesting them before me, damn rippers. I have some more seed so will try again on an earlier time frame and hopefully a safer place.

I think Devil is Shanti’s genetics. I think it’s a stand alone, genetics not used in other hybrids but not totally sure on that. Kind of like Spice.


hi mates, have grown this past summer three females outdoors, huuuaaauu, not very high 1.8 mt, very leafy and strong branches, hard buds, great smell, strong flavor of smoking and high light touch mind as shanti says that this cross is not lost!


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Hey pienoir glad to hear that you liked your devils. Did you think they were skunky? fruity? Betterhaff- that's cool that they exhibited those dark red pistils, sucks about the rippers. Seems like there's always something going wrong when growing guerilla.:(

After reading about these i went for 2 packs of these red devils. I did a search on here to find about the genetics and the strangest quote came up from arjan's diminished ego induced rant...

"What about you claiming to have invented the old strain called Red Devil? You probably forgot that I got those seeds 22 years ago from a guy called Richard Davis, from California." that's interesting.

i saw this photo and thought holy shit that plant looks incredible and exactly like the description....

Mr. Nice seedbank and research - Photos

then i see the same photo in this thread...

so I asked the dude Rolando if took the photo and he says yes, but never found out what the strain is. lol. so, i hope devil plants look that red and cool, but if not... i won't be disappointed.


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Damn, now you got me wanting to start a few Devils even though it’s getting kind of late. I’ve been scrambling with my grow this year and have lots of other things in the works. But I’m still very curious about this strain. The picture thing is funny.


Hi PrimalHaze , sorry to not see the thread, the three are skunky citric smell, strong entry into lungs, after a very good cure for six months does not hit the inahalar, only in the mind; High compaction buds : D