Re-Vegging Haze ??


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Hey MNS Fam,

Before I decide on how I’ll approach my next project I need some advice. I’m wondering how difficult it is to reveg some of the extreme sativa / Haze MNS phenos. I read somewhere hazes can be a difficult reveg or maybe even that they won’t reveg??

True? False? Your thoughts??



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when the plant is to the end of the bloom is more dificult than the 4 first weeks
you need a healthy plant with leaves that are still able to photosythesize again
i dont think sativa are more hard to reverse than indica
but sativa is more easy to clone than indica i'm sure of that :)


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this a picture of a bruce banner i have start to reverse since around a mounth in 16 hours of light
I had put 3 clones in bloom but one of my cat killed the 4th one that I had to keep for the cuttings so I had to reverse it
it's was in bloom around 3 or 4 weeks before i start the reverse



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When i reveg something ive taken a fancy to i trim back the root ball and put back in a smaller pot with some fresh soil, i find after cutting a lot of a plant back and leaving it in a large pot hinders the reveg process and they dont do as well, the new soil encourages new roots which in turn creates lush growth.;)

Agreed. Just as trimming above, trimming below in proportion encourages new growth overall. Smaller pots make things a bit more manageable. Thanks @ENGLISH for the explanation.


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Fresh soil means fresh nitrogen. Make sure to go back to higher nitrogen feeding either through the soil or scheduled watering.
I agree with what Dawn said. I had two Doors phenos that I had to reveg because I lost the clones. During harvest which was in week 10 or 11 of 12/12, I cut off the flowers leaving only 3 of the lower bud sites on the plant, they were very fluffy and included a few leaves. After 1 month under 18/6 and veg fertilizer there were plenty of new shoots. I just realized that I did not take pictures to show 🤦‍♂️. But it worked very easily.