Questions on finding a SSH mother?


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Took a few hits of the OD this morning when I woke up. Was thinking I would take a few hits then lay back down and see how I feel. Ended up cleaning the whole house, vacuuming, taking the trash out, doing the dishes, shaking out all the rugs, washing the towels, and then I went and grabbed lunch. My friend (who doesn't smoke) asked me what the hell had gotten into me and when I told her I smoked a new plant she asked if it came in pill form. Perfect for people with ADD who want to get shit done, this cut is the closest thing to Adderall I have ever tried. Great medicine! (No "crash", but I was tired after a few hours of non-stop work.)



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Cool experience Morphote. So far very close to the effects that I am seeing in this line. Makes me wonder where all these Indica phenos' the boys at IC talk about are?


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I think when it comes to money or market share people will say anything. Good luck to them. Still haven't seen any pics online of these indica phenos or hay plants, but then again it's not like I'm looking lol. In other news, hit the OD yesterday because I had a lot to do but didn't feel like doing it. Thought to myself "hey why not I might get something done today". Took 3 hits and was like "whoa". Again, not rocket fuel (uneasy, edgy, uncomfortable up) but really really strong Adderall. Immediately kick in the ass focused. Flavor was exceptional but difficult to describe. Ended up doing everything I needed to do plus had time to do some shit I had been putting off for a few WEEKS. I am amazed at this stuff, really. Then it dawned on me...this stuff could change me as a grower. I could actually do a lot more now that I have this medicine in my cabinet. What a funny thought: "this plant could help me become a better grower." So, my question to all of you reading this is simple: Have you ever grown a plant that made you think this way? I haven't, but after yesterday I am excited for what this medicine could help me (and many others!) become. Would you smoke this plant? Would you grow this plant? My guess is yes.



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Vegas Testimonial

Well the haze was a hit with my girlfriends this weekend!

Q: Which haze?

A: The #1.

Q: No one got sleepy?

A: Slept like a baby at night but happy and buzzing around when needed to be!

Q: What exactly were they saying about it? How much did they smoke?

A: We all took 2 hits in the morning and then 2 more at lunch and dinner they said it made them feel relaxed but not sleepy and no stress or anxiety! They were able to totally function on it but just a lot more happy! Last night they smoked 4 hits as they were trying to get me to go out and I was done! They were very happy last night and danced at a club until 4am!

One more thing they liked it because they didn't drink at all and they saved calories they said! It felt better than being drunk because it comes with no hangover.
The people have spoken.


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What a read - what a weed :)

I've just read the entire thread in one sitting - magnificent effort from everyone involved, thanks a lot guys.
The reason I've been reading it is because I've just won an auction for a bag of SSH - now, I can't wait to get them beans soaking.
Thanks again.


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Austin Testimonial

Couple from Austin, self proclaimed "light weights", sampled some #5. They were accustomed to mostly indicas but did not want to be sleepy or stupid. I suggested they try some Haze. They were amazed. They described the experience as "phenomenal" and unlike anything they'd ever tried. They were social, up, happy, focused, and this was at the end of their night. Didn't take much to get them there or keep them there. They seemed surprised more than anything. Changed everything they thought they knew about the effects of cannabis.

Somewhat related, the hash oil from the original SSH mothers is insane. Smells like frankincense, looks golden, and tastes like clean high grade hash. No Jack Herer citrus smell/flavor. Effect is 100% medicinal. One patient, after ingesting a pinhead size drop of the oil, said her mouth went numb then her body went numb. Said she could feel it working for 2 days. Effects of smoking it are really incredible. Floating while focused, clearly high not stoned, way way way up there but totally in control. No paranoia, feeling was relaxed but confident, you almost forget that you smoked but you know that you're high. Lasts for hours. Very special stuff. Highly recommended.



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M, nice one setting the record straight on SSH, enjoy hearing your thoughts and experience of these vars. and going against the trend of people who have not grown it or smoked it who then insist it's not as good as it used to be!

Iirc you did the Afghan Haze recently too? be great to hear any further insights with them as it seems to be the underrated sleeper var. in the MNS stable.

All the best

i know this thread has been dead for a while, just thought id comment on my recent experience.

i was hoping for something like ive read about in here, no luck.
the pack had bad germination and ended up with 4 girls.
none of them were too impressive, none have the lemon/citrus/lysol strong smell i was hoping for.
one of them threw a decent amount of male flowers towards the end.

its no big deal, just shows you have to look through more than that, and some people get lucky and have nothing but good plants, and some will get unlucky and have lots of bad plants. none of these were bad, just none were exceptional.
they have a very high bar to vault with me.

ill keep the best one around for a little while at least, or until i get some more SSH seeds.
i kept a male also so ill make f2's and see what i find there.