Psycho Haze


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Its amazing to me that nobody on this forum has a clue what I am growing !

If this wasn't a CBD-crew strain, I could get an answer within minutes on any other site.......sorry for being a grumpy old man, but I haven't had my medication yet.


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I hear ya man.

Space is just too valuable to be growing some mystery plant with a snazzy name.

Good luck with em though, If there from shanti their definitely worth poping.



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This is gonna be verrrry interesting please do updates so we can find out more as she comes along.

Its brand new seed, how do you expect to find info on it? You have to make the info on it and share it around! I do hope Shanti helps explain the lineage but I get the feeling that the CBD strains are "secret" for now...


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The mystery babies are poking up their heads as we speak, I was just wondering on the strain backround, the cross, or maybe it is Top Secret......Oh well


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Hi All

it is not that i am unwilling to share the lineage and breeding with people about anything of my own, and I do. However since we invested a lot of time and testing with so many generous lab workers and growers without re-compensating them correctly to date, we made a group decision at cbd-crew to first cover all the financial bills of those who helped and worked, at the same time we are continuing to produce new cbd lines and exclusive ones for other seed companies who are joining our journey with the CBD-crew for the regulation of a medically defined strain, and not just a claim at medical because it is cannabis. So when all things are well under way and in place the CBD-crew will explain the processes behind CBD enrichment of strains. We do not have problems with being copied as this type of bred seed will be able to be tested and those who feel they can copy will be surprised at the amount of testing necessary to back their claims confidently.

Let me just say psycho haze will be renamed as it is not an apt name for patients with mental health issues, we realized this a while ago. The thing is it has been called this so far and as we have not had time to address some issues rather just get things organised for production we will have to address this later at a meeting.

I will call those concerned to see what we can reveal at this stage , but it is already tested and working well is what i can confirm about this strain. All the best sb


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Thank you so much Shantibaba for your time and explanation.
I will do the best I can with these gems and we will see what they can do in the warm sunshine.
They will have all the space they need !


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Psycho's are really taking off.

Planted in commercial potting mix (6 Yds delivered - $200.00) 20 gal pots, water straight of the ground and I"m going with Organic Dr. Earth Ferts. Had 2 duds and I lost 1 seed, somehow. Anyhow I'm waiting for them to show their sex, then I'll move them around to the yard. It's looking like 4 girls out of the 7, maybe.

I must say, these started out very strong right from the start. Very hardy and easy to grow. I think they will be monsters. Probably top 2 and let the others go 'au-natural'. Very happy with them so far.



looking very nice looks like there loving the sun keep up the good wokr mate


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I was checking the plants this mourning, and it appears as though their all girls.
7 out of 7 ain't bad........don't ya think
I'll keep checking, should know within the next week or so :D
I can't get over how vigorous they are......very happy. I'll keep my fingers crossed that they don't herm on me. More pictures coming soon.....C-ya !!


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Looking awesome buddy. You are really lucky to live in a place where you can grow anything with haze in the title outdoors! I hope they make some super meds for you!

All the best.


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Here are some updated photos taken Aug1. They are all showing female signs. I'm hoping they stay that way. We shall see. Their all getting a very small dose of ferts every watering with no problems and doing very well.

Until next time.... Happy Growing!!!

You can see 2 more Psycho's on the left and 1 on the right (blue tubs)



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I reckon I had better keep a close eye on the psycho girls with all the herms popping up. Maybe I'll just move them way down wind.