Problems with sexing


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One female showed first over 2 weeks ago right after 12/12,but no 3 weeks later no males or other females have showed.
I see sex glands but if it's a ball it's not raised and if it's a pear no hairs yet.
This strain has been very sickly,super thrive helped a few,but my other strains look fantastic.
They are 7 weeks old,but still not one male and there's 20 at 11 nodes high.

Can anyone shed some light on why no males or more females after 2-3 weeks in 12/12,except the one female that showed?

Al Capone

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How long did they veg? It can take a bit for a plant to even reach sexual maturity.

Also what strain? Because a lot of Sativa leaning plants can take longer to show and reach maturity.

And of course light leaks will prevent sexing/flowering but I'm sure you know that by now.


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I found 3 more females and most younglings are very bushy.
The 1st set of hairs,they can be harder to find,were blended in to next new branch.
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