Pink floyd


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Hi Franktank

Best of luck on your Pink Floyd jam session. That is a very underrated strain.
I'm waiting on a couple F2 of this strain to break ground myself so I'm excited to see someone else running the floyd. I'll be watching from the front row dude.


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Fantastic reading mate. I feel like these days it is Exclusive Material that can be found in the likes of this 50% haze category, as 16 week plants are the opposite of commercially viable. We shouldn't be surprised however as money does make the world go round.....

Cheers- PF is in my queue and I'm pumped for this project of yours!
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Thank you bb247. I should also mention that the posters in background of pictures, are the album poster's from dark side of the moon. In gallerery!
I was about to comment on your buds, then I saw the posters and said hey, that's from DSotM .... and then I read your comments lol

I have the same album posters, and a few frames vinyls, hanging around. Gotta let the ladies know we mean business!


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Nice! You're crushing it Tank!

This line produces nice, fat buds. Not The most dense, but definitely not fluffy. I think you'll have plenty to stuff your stockings this xmas. :D

Keep up the good work man!

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Beautiful bud shot.
What are the smells like as the plants begin to mature?
Keep up the good work.


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In my opinion the best indicator is when the swelling of the calyxes and buds slows to a stop. Maybe a tad longer than that. People also go for a certain percentage of amber trichomes, or cloudy trichomes, or absence of white pistils. Yours look close to ready to me.


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Sounds like you are getting your house back in order though. Good luck on your continuing journey brah!

Cool runnings