Pink Floyd


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One Special Lady

Long story short

One Female

Good Luck with your grow

Edit: Long Story, roll eyes < (Still had cybercafé credit:) All seeds used , I had these Beans sent out a long time ago , When the Rock & Roll beans were first released .Kept cool , then stored in insane temps real hot , they all sprouted tap roots in tissue at sub minus temps (Another no-no) , then up rose 10 , two with the hard shell still on , 8 later with mutants & males . Some just had food leaves :) One Survives , It lives :) and a Mutant , topped it 's self into three heads :) Oh and a male :)
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Day 1 Bloom

#4 Female :) Looking ok , defo girl , will we call this day 1 flower for her :) First pic same plant at start of thread #4 she pre flowered 5 days ago under loupe , visible to naked eye now .

Lets hope she ' s a good example , who knows :)


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Week 1 Flower

Hazy looking Lady with CM flower power :cool: I gently bent & tied the main stem over , then it practically snapped :eek: , looks OK though ;) Plain water used , 2 weeks food left in pot / maybe .


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21 Day Flower Power

Two days until week six in 10 L pot of Plagron Royal , all food used , low dose feeds from now . Smells of fruity berries , even clones have very fruity pungent aroma , very strong . I like fruity :)

Stay safe all :)


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Those look amazing! The ac male never seems to disappoint. Shanti picked a good one with that.


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8 week bloom

Many Thanks Weezy , I agree :)

Light feeds , water flush for one week ,will chop at 9 weeks , cloudy , amber , very few clear heads :)


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Smoke Test/Report Kind of thing

Smells amazing , orange bud berry :) Smell a bag for life shit :) I Love the smell :)

Tastes like your first hybrid (first coffee shop smoke/grown bud) , fruity hash , very tasty .

Nice uplift , slight very slight body , overall a great plant .

I would recommend this seed line , many thanks MNS

Many thanks fellow tokers for stopping in

Cheers Ray & Herbsman
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Thanks for the lovin Redeye. I am intrigued w these R&R varieties. Once I finish the Mango, NevMango, LN, MM...
Do you sometimes wish you had a bigger grow area and unlimited funding? Hahaha

Aloha nui loa, brada


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PinkFloyd for Life

Reaching for the jar of #4 more than all my other bud :)

Ran some in coco , 20 gram plants from 6L pot , rooted clone , no veg , 600 w lamp. 8 week done

This smoke is quality , long lasting 2-3 hours plus , melting well being , high as f**k , life is better with a jar of #4 ,

Taste & smell getting better & better :)

Will run a pack soon

Many thanks Musashi , loving these R&R seedlines , truly some of the best I've had from MNS , I wish I had a Mansion full of Bud :cool:

Many thanks BenPlantin < I tried some Cure , man it's real good smoke :)
Love the tunes , thankyou , One of my Bands of choice for many years ;)

Stay HIgh All :D


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Nice plants red and even better bho. I am a jelly man myself but you can't have good jelly without making good bho first. ;)


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Hi Brock

Loved your Hash Animals .

Never made the jelly , would like to see a thread how you do it , If you got time when you do a run .

I will have the Unicorns look into it , they always extract for me ;)


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Thanks Ray & La Resistance Verte

I have a lovely #4 in a 10 L pot , organic, 3 week veg , cut back to 3 main heads , took over a 600 watt at 6 week flower , she just wants to put out flowers , smells over power , sweet fruity , hash Haze .

This plant grows no matter what :cool: High/low temps, feed /no feed , light leaks , it don't matter to this girl , solid genetics.

Thanks MNS


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I would love to see some of these HzAC hybrids grown outdoors. I can’t grow them outdoors where I’m at though. They sound lovely.