outdoor test/2007



Hello all,
I put out a 6 inch hardened clone today of my skunky MangoHaze plant.
along side a clone of Nevils Haze,and Afghan x Haze #3,Shit x Haze#7
all females and all rock solid indoor plants...the shithaze is a monster and glistens in the sunlight, the Afghan x haze is trimmed into a small tree,the nevs haze was cut back intentionally ,because it will be last and huge ,if it finishes at all.

Im thinking late oct into late Nov/early dec will be a haze fest around these parts. all are clones and should finish up a couple weeks earlier than the seedmoms did indoors. Maybe.

I will post a few pics of these as they begin to bloom.



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mmmmmmm Haze

Gorgeous ladies Scorp,

Lookin very happy in their outdoor setting,I'll be watchin this one for sure.



hi all, an up date to help some out if growing these strains .

MangoHaze...she would do well if placed outdoor clones about end of june.
a must is dry, no freezing weather until mid Nov. in Northern hemosphere.
Afghan x Haze about 1st Nov.
Nevils Haze ...LOL forget anything out side of greenhouse or north of 30.
ShitHaze...the world may never know.... :D

brrrrr Im going back inside ,its getting cold out here...