Outdoor Potted ABs


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Almost hesitant to post this here, MNS forum is on the mend, but not the same community it once was (though the troll-free setting should allow it to flourish in time!:eek:)

So, here are two AB females that will finish in relatively small containers, 1 gal and 3 gal.

These were started over winter to make sure I had nice mature plants come spring. Hopefully they will grow to be beautiful ladies. One exhibits a skunk smell and skunk growth pattern and leaf shape. The other shows more haze influence from my experience, refusing to be topped and doing the weird side branching thing instead, more vine like. True flowering later this year will tell a better story. Will update periodically, I would like to see more people growing these haze hybrids like Angel breath, heart, and NHM. Hopefully this thread will encourage that.

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Stay safe this year.



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ya not that much action going on here these days.
thanks for posting some pics of her and let us know how they do for u . I am from norcal also and have grown critical haze outdoors . she does well here . very vigorous .
your angel breathes should get huge . well good luck and I will be watching